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EXCLUSIVE: Brandy Says ‘It Was A Dream’ To Work With Tyler Perry (Plus The Scoop on ‘Temptation’)

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Forget what you’ve heard. Singer-turned-actress Brandy insists that the rumors of a tyrannical or unpredictable writer/producer/director Tyler Perry simply are not true! “It was a dream to work with him,” she says.

In advance of the March 29 premiere of Tyler Perry’s Temptation, CocoaFab caught up with one of the film’s stars, Brandy, for the 411 on the movie, her role and working with TP.

“I’ve always wanted to work with him because he always seems so passionate about his work and passionate about the people that he works with,” Brandy tells CocoaFab exclusively. “Everything I thought he would be, he was. He’s the nicest guy. He wants you to do well, very honest, and honest in a way that makes you feel uplifted.”

Brandy plays the shy and secretive Melinda who works for Lance Gross’ character. “She’s struggling and she has this horrible past that she’s running from and a couple of secrets that she’s hidden,” Brandy reveals. “She doesn’t have family or friends and she finds this little job where she meets the Lance Gross character and she develops a bond with him.”

Admittedly, Tyler was essential to Brandy becoming the actress she is now. Not only did he give her a chance to show her dramatic side, but she learned from him on and off set. “Without revealing too much, Tyler really helped me find my beats and my moments with this character and that’s all I could ask for.”

Between her role in Temptation and on BET’s “The Game” as well as her full time career as a singer, makes being a mother hard but all the more important. “It’s definitely tough to balance,” admits Brandy, who’s daughter Sy’rai is now 10. “I know that my family comes first, my daughter comes first.”

And it doesn’t hurt that her daughter looks up to all of her mom’s accomplishments. “I love the way that my daughter admires that I’m working very, very hard to provide for her and also I love my mom time with her because I learn so much about who I am, who she is, and our bond is unbelievable.”

Watch Tyler Perry’s Temptation which opens in theaters nationwide on March 29.

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