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EXCLUSIVE: Christina Milian Dishes on Her ‘Addiction’, Collab’ing with Lil’ Wayne, and Baby Violet’s Love of Beyoncé

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These days, it’s all about having multiple jobs and several hustles in Hollywood. Just ask Christina Milian. The Young Money singer and actress is also on TV every week as the social media maven for NBC’s “The Voice.”  Christina is responsible for engaging the millions of Voice twitter followers as well as getting the scoop on what the judges and contestants are up to even when cameras aren’t rolling.

CocoaFab caught up with the busy mom to talk gadgets, new projects and mommihood.

Tell me about your social media role on “The Voice”. Why did you want to do it?

“I do it already, so that’s the one thing. At least it’s not a departure from what I love to do already and at least when I know I’m doing it for the show, like I sit down and take the time to make sure it’s special for the show. Which reminds me, I’m supposed to be tweeting right now. But I’ll have to do that after.”

Do you feel like you’re always tethered to your phone because you’re engaging with The Voice viewers?

“I am either way. I’ve always been that way. I’ve always had a couple phones on me, I’ve always had an iPad on me, anything that had to do with technology I’ve always had on hand. So it’s easy, I’m already a gadget girl, I’m already into it. So with my role with the show its just really driving the fans to watch the show more, to make them more knowledgeable about behind the scenes and feed on something that brings them back? You know what I mean? It’s like, I got the cookie! You want it, you want it, you want it. So it’s like, feeding them that urge to get more, I’m able to give it to them.”

So you’re both a Blackberry and an iPhone girl?

“And I have a Galaxy too. I’m a Droid too. All across the board. I’m a gadget addict.”

What’s new with your music career?

“The main hustle amongst many hustle.”

But a girl has to have multiple hustles.

“Absolutely. I have a single that’s coming out, it’s with the Stafford brothers and with Lil Wayne it’s called ‘Hello.’ It’s a dance record and we shot the video, right now it’s out overseas – not the video, but the song’s I think number 2 in Australia, so they’re gonna be bringing it out here.”

What was it like recording with Lil Wayne?

“We recorded it separately, but we shot the video together and that was cool. Like, he’s just super cool. Like, he’s just cool.”

Had you worked with him before?

“First time we’ve worked together, but I mean I see him all the time with my music, because I’m signed to the same label. So that being said, I usually go to him to like play him songs and get his take on what I should do next or if he likes a song. It’s really good to have that. He’s the man, he’s the one and only. So I go to speak to him and Mack Maine and of course to Baby. And then I have a movie called Baggage Claim coming out with Paula Patton and Derek Luke and beyond that, well I have something in the work, but I can’t talk about that yet.”

There’s a glint in your eye when you say that.

“There’s something in the works, but it’ll be in the TV space. We’ll see what happens.”

I was gonna say, is there a bun in the oven?

“Oh, no, no. Not personal, it’s more work.  More work.”

Speaking of that, how’s motherhood going?

“Motherhood’s great. I love my baby.”

Violet is now 3-years old. That must be such a fun age.

“It’s cool. We spoil each other with love. She’s just like, she’s crazy and she’s funny and every day she says something new and does something new that’s just like…especially the things that she says, I’m just like, What did she just say?”

Do you find yourself watching what you say because she’s growing up so fast?

“Oh, I have to. Oh yeah, she’ll copy me. If you say a curse word, believe me, she’ll just be like, Oh, whatever. I’ll try to act like it’s nothing, so you’ve got to be careful. So I’m very careful with what I say around her because she’s soaking it all up like a sponge.”

Now what are those special things that you to just do together?

“We have great moments together. I’d say, going to the movies but of course the movies, we go to eat together. I mean, we…a variety of things, I think her and I will just go for a drive in the car and we’ll end up going shopping, I’ll buy her some toys or something. Those kind of things are the moments, especially when we’re in the car and we’re together. That’s when we’re singing songs and talking and she gets excited because it’s just the two of us, like those are the moments she gets really happy about.”

Any particular songs you guys sing? I hope it’s not “Pour It Up” or something crazy that.

“No. Even though she knows a little part of that. One part she goes, Throw it up, throw it up. Watch it all fall out. That’s all she knows, though. But beyond that song, she’s actually a huge Beyoncé fan, so Single Ladies, she does, like, Justin Bieber’s song Baby. But anything that has to do with Beyoncé she’s a fan of.”

Lastly,  what are three must-have beauty products that you swear by and won’t go anywhere without?

“I love Stila Stay All day Lip Gloss. Neutrogena, their make-up wipes are great because I don’t like to wash my face that often so I wipe my face with those. And I love this Body Milk by Cutler. It smells really good.”


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