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EXCLUSIVE: Claudia Jordan On Group Therapy, Battling Porsha & Phaedra; Kenya’s Mr. Chocolate Obsession

Claudia Jordan may not be a fight starter but she has certainly found herself at the center of some serious drama on this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

From fighting it out with Nene Leakes to her ongoing issues with Porsha Williams, Claudia has been battling with her co-stars from the start.

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CocoaFab caught up with the beauty to find out what’s next for the feuding group of friends and to get her take on the real root of Porsha’s beef.

“I have a peach now and I’m sure that’s something Porsha really values and I think that may be it. I’m the new girl on the block even though I’m a few years older than her and I’m actually a professional in the field that we’re both in. I don’t know what it is honestly because we were cordial and I have never ever declared I wanted to be friends with her but I wanted to be cool,” she said.

“The first couple of days at work we were talking about going to dinner and then I go to an event with Kenya and it’s like, it changed. You can’t deny there was a different attitude after that. We have a mutual friend who told me that whenever Kenya’s name comes up this woman has a psychological reaction. She freaks out. Its something in her. That’s what my friend told me.”

Claudia has tried to clear the air with Porsha on more than one occasion, especially when their boss, Rickey Smiley, insisted they work out their issues.

“If people think for one moment I went to my boss to talk about my coworker, they are wrong. Rickey brought her up and when he asked me if there was an issue, I wasn’t gonna lie. At that point I really had it in my mind that I was just going to focus on my work. What viewers don’t see is that people are coming up to me at work and in the break room and asking me what the issue is and there’s tension,” she explained.

“Nobody likes a snitch and I don’t like a snitch and I definitely wasn’t snitching on her. I have said I will do what I can do to make things peaceful going forward and I will disregard everything that has happened. There’s a lot people don’t see. It takes a lot to make me angry. I don’t like that she’s dragging it out and being messy at work.”

On this week’s episode, Nene suggests the whole group should get some professional help for their explosive fights.

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“I don’t think that Nene is wrong. There is therapy that needs to be had by people in the group but I don’t know that it’s us who need it,” she quipped.

“I still feel like we’re going to get through it. We may bump heads but it’s a necessary evil because it has to be done. A change is coming and issues that probably needed to be dealt with a long time ago are finally getting dealt with and it just needs to happen. Then we can see where we can go after that. There has been a lot of posturing and pretending.”

As far as her own behavior on the show, Claudia is proud of how she has handled herself.

“I stand behind everything I have done on the show and I don’t have any regrets because I feel like I’m pretty fair and I feel like I was real. I have this thing about holding people accountable and I cannot stand double standards and it feels like this season is just ridden with double standards.”

She also took time to weigh in on the recent dinnertime dust-up between Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks over the rumors that the attorney is dating a stripper named Mr. Chocolate.

While she admits she “really doesn’t know” if there is any truth to the rumors about Phaedra’s infidelity, she seems to understand both sides of the heated argument that almost forced Phaedra to get physical with the beauty queen.

“I’m familiar with the story between her and Kenya. I understand where Kenya was coming from. On one hand you have Phaedra who is going through a lot and you don’t want to kick a dog when they’re down. At the same time, who’s to say what Kenya was going through when she was dragged through the mud for two years being called a whore and it turned out she wasn’t? I understand why Kenya wanted to expose the double standard,” she explained.

“There’s a lot of criticism coming at Kenya and Cynthia about bringing it out in from tot the group but that’s just the way it has been in this group. If it’s OK for someone on the other side to bring up some stuff then that set a precedent os that’s how we get down in this group. You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t. I understand why Cynthia brought it up in front of the group and I understand why Kenya would push for an answer and I understand why Phaedra would be upset.”

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Still, Claudia insists there’s no bad blood between her and Phaedra.

“I really don’t have a relationship with Phaedra. If you’re not coming for me I’m not gonna go in on you. We just haven’t really gotten to know each other much at this point. We have been cool.”

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  1. BobbyMustang

    I have been arguing the same point all week.  If it’s okay for one person(Nene, I’m thinking of you) to call people any time they feel like. Why can’t Cynthia and Kenya do the same?

  2. BobbyMustang

    I have been arguing the same all week.  If it’s okay for one person(Nene) to call someone out, anytime they feel like it.  Why are Cynthia(even though she was horrible at it) and Kenya getting such a a hard time.  That is def a double standard.


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