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EXCLUSIVE: Cynthia Bailey Opens Up About Painful Fibroids & “Life-Changing” Surgery

cynthia bailey

Cynthia Bailey is finally past the terrible health scare that had fans thinking she was pregnant.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star showed viewers what the real problem was on this week’s episode. It turns out, the model was battling belly bulge due to some very aggressive fibroids.

In an exclusive interview with CocoaFab, she explains how her condition took over her life and dishes on the procedure that saved her life–and her marriage.

“I made the personal choice to do something about it because I was anemic because of my fibroids.  It was really affecting my life. I was too tired to do anything and I could barely function at one point. Some days I could barely get out of bed,” she says.

“I was a hot mess every time my cycle came around. There was three weeks out of the month where that took over my life and left me with one good week, which is not enough.”

Although she was diagnosed with fibroids years ago, they didn’t become a real problem until recently.

“After I had Noelle, I was diagnosed with fibroids but as I got older they started to grow and there are a lot of symptoms that come with it,” she explains. “I had low everything. Low sex drive, low energy. Having sex can be painful depending on where they are.”

Her condition led to some pretty embarrassing situations.

“I would be somewhere and have blood on my dress.  I’m like, I can’t be out and bleeding. This is crazy!

After years of suffering, Cynthia admits she finally had enough.

“I had to take control of that. At 46, I’m getting up there in age and my health is really important.  I’ve never taken it that seriously and I can’t afford to do that anymore,” she says.

“I thought I should talk about it on the show.  As much as we love the drama, I always try to bring real life issues to the show as well.  Things that other women can relate to,” she said.  I wanted to deal with it and it turned out some of the other ladies on the show had the same issues.”

Sadly, some speculated that Cynthia was pregnant when they saw her bloated belly. Her husband, Peter Thomas, even gave her a hard time for being lazy and eating whatever she wanted.

“There’s a whole education about fibroids I had to get and it was important for me to take Peter on this journey with me because he didn’t understand.  He’s didn’t get why we can’t have white sheets.  He’s like, ‘You need to get that together. What’s going on with you?’,” she says.

On last week’s episode, viewers watched as Cynthia learned about the procedure that would ultimately change her life.

“I have had the procedure and it has been life changing.  I feel so much better,” she says. “I lost my pregnant stomach and I have energy.  I have a kid to raise and a husband who wants to do things with me.”

Aside from the life-changing procedure, Cynthia continues to manage her health with a new way of eating.

“I decided to become a part of a health management program. reached out to me and I’m so glad they did,” she says. “They help me manage my meals and send me food and have everything in a bag for me that I eat every day according to my DNA.  It’s about eating the right foods for my body. Its what I need to maintain a healthy weight and keep me balanced with my schedule.”

Now, the reality star is focused on getting other women to take control of their health issues.

“I really want to inspire women to do what they can do to fix the situation if they’re struggling,” she says. “I’m a different person. I can’t believe I had it as long as I did and got anything done.  Everything has changed and it has been amazing. I’m so glad that I took care of it.”

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  1. CarolHoousendove

    I remember my mother suffered until she had that procedure done. When her daughter gets married she will have grand kids that are like your own when it is your daughter. Dump that loser you are with what is wrong with you he is nothing. Thousands of Peters are all over the world looking for a free ride.

  2. megntx

    Can someone please tell me what procedure Cynthia had????  There are several out there… but, some say there is only a 50/50 chance of success.  Please tell me which one she had.  Thank you!


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