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EXCLUSIVE: Dana Cody Bringing ‘Boss Nails’ To Oxygen

There’s a brand new reality show heading to Oxygen and this one is sure to bring out the claws.

Boss Nails will star Dana Cody,26 (whom you may remember as Aviva’s dad’s girlfriend on RHONY) as she runs her Miami nail salon, Tippie Toes Beauty Lounge.

“’Boss Nails’ allows viewers to indulge in the salon-going experience and root for its young and determined boss, Dana Cody, who is putting her life on the line to grow a business she believes in passionately,” said Rod Aissa, Executive Vice President, Original Programming and Development for Oxygen Media. “The series capitalizes on the increasing desire of self-expression, and acts as a source of nail-art inspiration for our young female audience.”
“Dana Cody is glamorous, real and fearless,” said Kim Martin, Principal and Executive Producer of Rock Shrimp Productions. “With a raucous staff she considers her family, anything can and does happen at ‘Boss Nails.’”

Check out a rundown of the cast:

Dana’s cousin and confidant, Paige brings the sass and glitz to Tippie Toes. Even though she is the youngest of the nail staff, she grew up in the salon and knows her craft.

Notorious for being outspoken and opinionated, Yaya has no problem with giving attitude to anyone that walks into the shop. As a new mother, she is adjusting to life back at work and hopes to sharpen her skills. Yaya is the instigator on staff and lives for the drama while loving the haters.

Nuni’s jaw-dropping work and 250,000 followers on Instagram prove that this 24 year-old nail artist is a force to be reckoned with. Famous for his innovative techniques and couture designs, Nuni is brought into the salon to keep competition fierce and the staff on their toes.

Known as the resident trouble maker at Tippie Toes, Rod’s quick but exact work and flashy stiletto nails makes him a favorite. Although he loves to push everyone’s buttons, he is the hub of entertainment and serves as the happy-hour bartender, DJ and turn-up specialist.

With a signature style that includes long nails, bright colors and lots of bedazzled jewels, D’Marie is the one-stop shop for all things bling. Although she started her career a few years ago, she aspires to open her own shop one day.

An up-and-coming nail tech and Dana’s personal primper, Doneita is the “wild child” of the crew and it doesn’t take much to see her fun side. Not afraid to make a statement with her own makeup or nails, her motto is, “Go big, bright, and bold…or go home.”

Transitioning from stay-at-home mom to Tippie Toes Nail Tech, Amber is completely self-taught and is known for her funky style and bold colors. She thrives off competition and isn’t one to turn down a challenge.

Ms. Karen
Ms. Karen is the salon manager and the resident mama bear of Tippie Toes. A jack of all trades, she is the glue that holds the shop together and keeps the crew from chipping apart.


Boss Nails premieres on August 11 at 9/8c on Oxygen.


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