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EXCLUSIVE: Derek J Dishes On ‘Fashion Queens’ & READS Alex Dilworth: “Her Hair Is Horrific!”

derek j

We’re only days away from the season 2 premiere of Fashion Queens and we can’t wait for the reads to begin!

In an exclusive interview with CocoaFab, Derek J weighs in on the most stylish stars, brand new trends and what’s going on with Alex Dilworth.

“Since we have been gone so many new things have happened. We have new trends and new mistakes now and a lot of celebrities need to be read. We have a lot to work with when we start back up.”

He’s excited to reunite with his two co-hosts, Bevy Smith and Miss Lawrence.

“I’m so excited because we work really good together and we’re friend,” he says. “To be able to have fun and bring more light heartedness to late night TV is great to me.”

Wonder what trends he’s looking forward to this season?

“There is a whole resurgence of being a woman. There’s a thickness that’s coming back and I love that,” he says.

The fashionista will always have his hand in the hair world and the expert weighed in on the natural hair craze.

“As far as black women wearing their natural hair, I’m happy for them. A lot of women still don’t understand how their natural hair looks and how to work with it,” he says.  “My only issue with it is that if you want to go through that moment, take time to learn about it. A lot of women just take their hair off and start wearing it natural. No, that ain’t how that work.”

Speaking of hair, Derek wasted no time reading The New Atlanta‘s vivacious villain, Alex Dilworth.

“I know three of the people on the show and it was different,” he says of the show. As far as Alex’s signature style?  “It looks like she bought her hair at the 99 cent store,” he says.” Her hair is horrific.  It’s a disaster.”

While there are plenty of people to read, a few stars have been getting it right according to Derek.

“The reason that Rihanna is everything is because she has so much confidence. She can wear a paper bag and then everyone would be copping the paper bag style,” he says. “It’s the confidence she exudes that makes her so fierce when it comes to fashion. There’s nothing that she wears that she doesn’t feel.”

With confidence like that, even her fashion misses get a pass.

“She always looks great and she has a great body. Don’t get me wrong, everything she wears isn’t great but as much as we hate it, we love it because she pulls it off so well.”

Another winner was Nene Leakes‘ look on her wedding day.

“I thought Nene looked beautiful and she lost the weight she wanted to lose. She looked really really good,” he says.  “As far as her bridesmaids, some of them needed a little bit more attention to their style but for the most part it was a great look collectively.”

According to Derek, one glamour girl takes the cake when it comes to setting the tone for style and sex appeal. He’s really feeling X Factor judge, Kelly Rowland.

“2013 has been Kelly Rowland’s year when it comes to fashion and style. She has stepped out on her own and really grown into herself,” he gushes. “Before she was kinda lost as far as what she wanted to do and how she wanted to do it, but this year, every time she’s out or on the red carpet she is phenomenal.  She has done a really great job.”

Fashion Queens premieres Sunday, November 3 at 11:30/10:30c on Bravo.

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