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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’s’ Rasheeda Says Things Get “Cray!”


The star of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta had lots to say about her new season, her new baby, and those rampant rumors. In part two of our exclusive interview, Rasheeda comes clean on her famous friends, her crazy costars and her new cosmetic line.

You won’t see Rasheeda (or her baby bump) until Episode 3. “That’s when I come in and then we rollin’,” she says. Until then, she gets to sit back and watch the drama unfold like the rest of us.

“You know I never know what’s gonna come out of Joseline’s mouth and Mimi ain’t gonna back down from anybody as you can see,” she says of the infamous love triangle. “They got a crazy relationship going on, or whatever you want to call it.  At the end of the day, that whole situation is crazy as hell and they probably always gonna have words for each other.”

Although she has known Mimi for years, Rasheeda says she has no beef with Joseline Hernandez. “Actually not because I’m cool with both of them. Upon meeting Joseline, she’s cool,” she says. “I don’t have a problem with her at all. She ain’t did nothing to me.  I don’t always agree with what’s going on but that’s some shit they need to take up with Stevie’s ass, really.”

As far as her other crazy costars, Rasheeda assures us Momma Dee’s antics are truly authentic. “I’ve known Momma Dee for years and she has always been over the top. That’s just how she gets down, for real,” she says of the charismatic matriarch. “She’s crazy as hell. She will say whatever, do whatever. She has her own slogans and everything.  She’s just one of those women who are off the chain.  That’s just who she is.”

She’s also happy to have some new faces on the show this season. “I think it’s cool,” she says of the show’s growing cast. “Hopefully it’s something that allows us to continue to grow.  “Our new cast member, Traci, is a DJ and I think it’s a cool element to add to the show. We film together and we get along and she’s cool people. “

One thing that stays drama free is her real-life friendship with Kandi Burruss. “We are real friends for years,” she says of the RHOA star. “We talk to each other about things that go on in our careers and getting the scoop from each other.”

The two also make music together, but their plans for a group haven’t quite manifested. “Me and Kandi had a group called Peach Kandi that we started in 2007.  We’ve been so busy that it has been really hard for us to get together and do any more projects.  We did release an EP at one time and we stay on each other’s projects whether she’s doing something or I’m doing something.”

It turns out Rasheeda had two expert opinions when it was time to consider joining a reality show. “Kandi had been on Housewives long before I was on Love & Hip Hop,” she says. “It was great to go to her and Toya [Wright] for pointers and advice on jumping into the reality TV world.”

Aside from the marital meltdown between her and Kirk Frost, Rasheeda says she’s staying clear of the drama, as far as she can help it. “Don’t be trying to put me with strangers like we best friends and then something happens that I gotta deal with forever,” she says of the show’s sometimes-tricky antics. “I try to be understanding of the business I’m in.”

She doesn’t get too riffled by criticism that her show is ratchet. “When it comes to creating a show in 2013 and beyond, you need to understand what people want to see,” she says. “Unfortunately, it’s sad that people don’t want to see a total family show on and have it be successful for ten years when it comes to our people.“

The rapper turned reality star has learned to let the gossip roll off her back. “When it comes to blogs and people lying on you and people hating on you, you just have to be ready for anything. At the end of the day it just is what it is.  Sometimes it bothers me, I won’t lie, but I can’t stay bothered by it.  I don’t give a damn.  For the most part, I don’t regret anything, I just try to learn from my experiences.”

One thing she learned is that reality TV is great for side hustles. She’s staying busy with her new cosmetic line, due out in May.  Poiz will launch several lip-glosses, eye shadows, blushes and palettes. “The lip glosses are very high pigmented in bright, beautiful colors,” she says. ”It’s amazing quality stuff that I’ve been working on. You’ll be seeing me wearing it on the show.”

Will Rasheeda join the growing list of reality TV stars to have her baby on camera? “I think it would be a beautiful thing to see.  I’m not opposed to it. I think giving birth is something that’s amazing,” she says. “On one hand, it’s a sacred thing, but is it really? How do we all get here? I’m not mad at that idea because I think it’s a beautiful thing. “

With a new baby, new business, and new season underway; Rasheeda has a big year ahead of her.

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