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EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Gossip Game’s’ Vivian Billings: “Don’t Talk About My Kid!”

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The Gossip Game has gone too far for Vivian Billings, the blogger with a heart of gold. In an exclusive interview with, the Queens-native comes clean about her drama with Ms. Drama, her tough-talking blog, losing her day job and what really went down with Steph Lover.

CocoaFab: What happened between you and Steph Lover?

Well what happened is Steph Lover who is a bitter individual, talked about my child and brought up my child’s sexuality, which is something I don’t play with.  If you have an issue with me come at me full force.  I can pretty much handle anything anyone has to say about me.  When you start bringing my kids in the equation, that’s when I’m gonna have to switch my equation and bring it to you how I know how to bring it to people, and I really don’t want to get like that but I had to get like that with her.  She’s just a very disrespectful individual.

I know Steph Lover because I used to work with her at DTF Radio.  She asked me to be part of her show and that’s what I did.  She said in a demeaning way that she was trying to help me out, but she called me.  I never called her to be a part of her show, she called me.  I’m just a little taken aback about how she chose to come at me because she knows how I get down and I was totally shocked she would even reach that far.

CocoaFab: What upset you the most?

This is how I feel. She and I had a genuine friendship. We were friends.  She would invite me to her daughter’s birthday parties and to her family’s house, we had a sincere friendship.  My thing is, even if Star is my cousin and says, ‘Vivian said this,’ as a friend, you should have thought better of me.  Instead of doing that, she goes off on a rant and puts my child in the middle of whatever is going on.

CocoaFab: Did you struggle with airing your family business?

This is what I felt.  I felt like this was a show about women and their careers and how they go about getting a story.  When this individual decided to bring up my personal life, it changed my whole story line.  I was hurt by that.  I didn’t want the show to be about too much of my kids, but it happened and that’s the reality of the show.  Do I regret how I reacted? Absolutely not.  If she says something else about my child I’m going to react even worse.  That’s just a game I don’t play. You don’t talk about my kids.

With everything, there’s always a good and a bad.  I just didn’t want to bring my child’s sexuality onto the show because I wasn’t sure how he would feel. It wasn’t really about me. Now that it’s out there, maybe we can help somebody who might be struggling with that situation.


TELL US: Do you think Viv did the right thing in the situation? Or is all fair in gossip and the game?

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