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EXCLUSIVE: Trina Braxton Talks Rekindled Romance, Reveals Relationship Secrets


CocoaFab caught up with Trina Braxton to chat about her new hobby, new music, and her renewed relationship with her husband, Gabe.

So far, she’s enjoyed watching the drama unfold on this season of Braxton Family Values. “I’m very pleased with the season. I think it’s a good depiction of our family and all the ins and outs that we incur just like everyone else.”

She has also enjoyed watching her baby sister, Tamar Braxton, prepare for her own baby. “It is so funny because Tamar expected something completely different. I think she thought she was gonna wake up one morning, nine months later, and just BOOM… have the baby.  It’s a rude awakening for Tamar. It’s hilarious to watch.”

As far as advice for her younger sis? “Everyone carries differently and everyone’s pregnancy is different. I have two children and both of those experiences were vastly different. I just told her to enjoy her pregnancy. “

She’s super stoked about her sister’s string of successful singles as well. “I’m just glad it was able to come to fruition for her because she has been searching for it for a long time. It’s finally happening and I just thank God for it.”

She’s not so pleased, however, with revelations of retirement from her other sister, Toni Braxton. “I don’t think its real,” she says of Toni’s plans to quit music. “I think it’s a part of who she is and I don’t think that something that she could ever get away from. After 40 million records and seven Grammys, that’s embodied in you. I don’t think we can ever look forward to the day of Toni Braxton leaving the business. I’m a Toni Braxton fan whether I’m her sister or not and I hope she doesn’t retire. She would be doing the world a terrible injustice.”

Trina isn’t done with her music career, either. “My newest single, “Game Time” should be out in a couple of weeks and I’m still working on my EP, which is called Time Of My Life and that should be out by the end of the summer.  I’m really excited about it because it’s a great depiction of Trina and who she is through my music.  Why keep myself in a box?”

Aside from her musical pursuits, Trina has been keeping busy by exploring her passion for cocktails, creating her own signature recipes for fans on her mixology web series. “By nature I’m a creative person, so I took two things I enjoy and merged them together,” she says. “I enjoy a cocktail or two, and hopefully I’ll have a line of libations coming soon. One of my favorites is my own concoction called the Purple People Eater. It’s grape vodka, a splash of sweet & sour and a splash of lemon/lime soda. I’ll tell you, it will change your life.  It’s so delicious!”

Trina has also been focusing on her recently renewed marriage to her husband, Gabe. “You’re going to see more of us together throughout the season.  It’s a work in progress and we’re working on our family and working on getting our family dynamic back together without the solicitation of others,” she says. “You can’t go back to the old situation because if you do then you’ll end up back where you don’t want to be in the first place.  You have to move forward and wish for the best. If you revert back, you’ll have the same life.”

Although the two are in a better place now, the journey has had some hiccups. “One of the hardest things about moving on is that your friends and loved ones don’t seem to move on as quickly as you do. It’s like you’re ready to forgive and go on with your life, but after you have told everyone what happened and what’s going on, they’re the ones who aren’t forgiving.  If I forgive him, then you should as well.”

She says her sisters stay out of her personal life, and as a rule, they tend to keep their marriages separate from the sisterhood. “We as sisters, there’s not so much that we allow the husbands to get involved in as far as sister conversation.  We leave it as personal things for us to talk about with our husbands.  We don’t mix the two.  It keeps tension down. “

When it comes to keeping the spark alive, Trina has a few tricks up her sleeve. “You have to go on dates. It’s very important.  It’s important not to walk around the house with your hair not done and no make-up,” she says. “Every day you have to do your make up. Keep it cute. Put on some mascara and lip gloss and remember how you got him in the first place.“

How does Gabe keep Trina on her toes? She’s an old-fashioned girl all the way. “I believe in letting the man be the man. I’m not paying for dinner. I still want you to open the door. Treat me like a girl. I’m not one of those women who say, ‘I don’t need a man to take care of me.’ Take care of me, boo!”

She also knows it’s important to take care of herself; and she’s encouraging a healthier lifestyle for her mother, Evelyn, who struggles with diabetes. “The good thing is that she’s eating a lot better. If she is eating bad then she’s sneaking it, which is not a good thing, but we check up on her all the time. She seems to have it at bay right now so we’re really thankful for that.”

As far as her own fitness regimen? “I’m used to being bikini ready, but this has been my worst season ever. I’m sick of eating on the show! I can’t have one more meal on the show,” she says. “I love strength training and cardio.  If I have both of those, honey I’m good. I do my elliptical every morning and I like to run outside, like a mile or two. That usually keeps me svelte, but I have this cellulite problem and no matter what I do, it doesn’t want to go away. I’m like, seriously?”

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