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EXCLUSIVE: Kandi Burruss Says Porsha Gets Emotional At RHOA Reunion About Marriage and there’s No Prenup!

WHITE HOT: Reality TV star, music mogul and sex toy entrepreneur Kandi Burress gives fans a sneak peek at her look for the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show on Twitter!

Cocoafab snagged an exclusive interview with “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss moments ago in her Kandi Factory studio, and she said she was shocked to hear that Kordell Stewart filed for divorce the way that he did against her RHOA co-star Porsha Stewart.

Earlier in the season, Kandi and Porsha talked on camera about pre-nuptial agreements in marriage (at the time, Porsha said there was no pre-nup and if their marriage ended, all she’d want back is her name).

“I was very sad,” Kandi says of learning of the divorce filing. “I reached  out to her. I didn’t talk to her, but we spoke on text. I was really just hurting for her. I hate the whole thing that when people get on reality TV sometimes that can breakdown a relationship. I hate that for her. She really, really, really wanted her  marriage to work.”

In fact, Kandi says that Porsha reveals how hard she is trying to make her marriage work during the taping of the RHOA reunion show.

“You’ll see that on the reunion. That’s going to come up. She really talks emotionally about how she’s really working to work for her marriage. So that was sad for me to hear,” she says.

But, Kandi admits, she wasn’t too shocked to hear that the marriage was over — just mostly the way Kordell filed for it.

“I was shocked that he filed in that way. I noticed little things that he posted on Instagram — because we all follow each other — and I was like ‘what does that mean?!’ It was certain things that he had posted that made me think ‘I don’t know about that! Do we say that when we’re happy?!?'”

Still, Kandi says maybe not all is lost.

“Overall, I hope that they can work this out. I don’t understand what is that bad that they can’t work it out. I’m not in their day-to-day life. But I don’t know.”

And as for the best advice she can give Porsha: “First of all, I always want to say I can’t give anyone advice about their marriage. But as far as going through something, it can’t rain forever. The sun IS going to shine again. Sometimes we feel like eveything is just so bad. And stuff keeps happening. But even when you’re going through a rainy season, you’ll still going to get  a day of sunlight. For her, she’s beautiful, she’s young she doesn’t have any children. She was upset to go through those things, but … maybe this has put her in a spotlight to be in a better place and put the shine on her. Whereas she was being the happy help mate to someone else, maybe it’s is her time to shine. God makes things happen. You never know.”

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