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EXCLUSIVE: KeKe Wyatt Gets Blunt On New Season Of ‘R&B Divas'; ‘The Fighting Was Getting On My Nerves’

KeKe Wyatt opens up to CocoaFab!

KeKe Wyatt’s story is well documented.

She once stabbed her ex-husband because she says he was being abusive and the incident nearly tanked her career. But thanks to the fantastic second act that is reality TV, she’s back. And she’s better than ever. The spokesperson for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence is ready to sing it out on a new album that she’s putting the finishing touches on right now. KeKe co-stars in TV One’s hit show “R&B Divas,” which comes back next week, and she’ll be right in the thick of it with other powerhouse vocalists Faith Evans, Nicci Gilbert-Daniels, Monifah Carter, and KeKe Wyatt, and this season new castmates will be Angie Stone and LaTocha Scott.

Now married to minister Michael Ford, KeKe kept it real on last season’s show, and was raw about her relationship insecurities. Her co-stars were concerned that she was too attached to her hubby. But fans of the show found her story familiar — ultimately.

KeKe chats with CocoaFab about the show, her music and why she’s a new woman.

What made you come back for a second season?

I wasn’t really going to come back at first because they was getting on my nerves fighting and carrying on, and I thought this show was supposed to be not all that crap. So they told me that it wasn’t going to be like that this season, which that was a lie, but whatever. I’m on there.

So it’s not as sister-friendly as you’d hoped this new season?

Pretty much.

That said, you seemed to be a calming voice of last season …

I just felt like if I (was) quiet, I won’t have to pop nobody in the head. I just had to chill out. I love Nikki and I love Syleena, I love all of ‘em genuinely. It’s real for me, and I just don’t want to see family and friends fighting. It just don’t make no sense. Although they’re not physically fighting, verbally fighting is just as damn bad.

How did being a part of this experience alter you?

I feel like this, I got other stuff that is more important to me, which is my own family and my career and what Keke Wyatt has going on, my career and my brand and bettering myself. I ain’t got time for all of all that and I really, honestly, don’t care about it.

Are you working on a project right now?

I’m actually almost done with it. It’s some new Keke Wyatt, it’s what I’ve always wanted to do from the very beginning of my career versus being told what to sing and how to sing it. I feel like this music is more relatable in other areas versus just the love, make-up, break-up and all that crap that I’ve been singing before, which  is fine — no shade to it — but the new stuff is more love because I love to love, love to love, love to love, period. I’m serious.

Has being on this reality show been a nice second act for you so far?

I think so. I think that it’s a great platform to do what I’m trying to do, so my main mission in life is to reach people and what better to reach people through television and music?

You were very honest about your life last season, with the trust issues you have with men and how that plays out in your marriage now. Are you hearing from a lot of other women who can relate?

Yeah. People are like, ‘You’re the only reason why I watch the show, because you real and you just tell it like it is.’ I don’t know another way to be. I used to get criticized for that all the time, for just being honest and saying how the hell I feel, people had a problem with it. But frankly, I’m 31…I’m in my 30s and I don’t give a damn about what you think. As long as I feel good after I get it out, that’s all I care about. You don’t like me, stay the hell away from me, period.

Did that make you feel vulnerable to allow us to have that 360 degree view of your life?

Yeah, it’s kind of nerve wracking. In the beginning people were talking about, ‘Oh my gosh, she’s so insecure, what’s wrong with her. Oh my gosh, she getting on my nerves!’ But by the end of it they was like, ‘Ah, damn, I’m just like her!’

That said, are things better? Do you feel like a different woman?

Yes. Yeah, I do.

What helped you get there?

My backbone was just Christ and my husband.

What can you tell us about the new season?

Oh, honey. I just…I’m a stay prayed up for these people.

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