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EXCLUSIVE: Kenya Moore Talks Beyonce, Walter and Her Stallion Booty

Kenya Moore

You can’t tell us that you’re not watching this season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. You can’t.

It’s almost impossible to ignore anyway, considering that the social media commentary lends itself to great watercooler talk which bleeds into beloved celebrities — like real, show stopping, worldwide celebrities — hinting to us that they take the show in and recycle some of the great catch phrases and barbs that the women throw each other.

One person who couldn’t be happier about that? One of the newest cast members this season, former Miss USA Kenya Moore. On a trip to Anguilla, and in the heat of an argument, Moore twirls around and tells another new cast member, Porsha Stewart that she is, in fact “Gone With The Wind Fabulous.

We talk with Moore about the show, the shade and why she may give Beyonce a run for her money.

Beyonce said she thought the Super Bowl was “Gone With the Wind Fabulous.” She clearly watches the show …

KM: I feel like I’m on a high right now! The incredible Beyoncé … she’s “Queen B.” I can’t get a bigger endorsement than the absolute, most incredible woman on the planet, Beyoncé! It makes me feel good when (people use) one of my catch phrases. And it’s an interesting reach of the show, many people really respond to what we do on the show and our own individual personalities, so it’s a great thing. And that’s why bringing it full circle, we do have an influence on our viewers and pop culture and it can be real like breast cancer awareness, helping people save lives. It stands across generations from Michelle Obama saying she watches the show to Beyoncé, you can’t get any more diverse than that. I had a fan at Fat Burger the other day who was like a 70-year-old woman that recognized me from the show. And it was so much fun to see. They’re excited, they’re enjoying what we’re doing and it feels great to be a part of that.


You won the Miss USA crown 20 years ago and became famous, but this is different. What has it been like for you to have people have that kind of a look inside of your life?

KM: Well, it’s a different glimpse. It’s not my entire life obviously. But, I think it’s scary because people do think that they know you from watching you for ten minutes on a TV show every week and that’s not the case. So, in some ways I feel like it’s good and bad. Because the good thing is they get to see some of you and not all of you; you get to have a little piece of something for yourself.  And the bad thing is, obviously, they only get to see a portion. So, they don’t know the whole you. So, it’s the one portion that their getting they form an opinion about you prematurely, so, I guess that would be the down side.


What’s the biggest misconception about you so far?

KM: Oh God, where do I start? It just depends, what part of the show. I went from being labeled as the mean girl to the…what? The tramp. To the crazy girl, I mean you know pick one. I don’t know. I just think overall, I can’t say I have one major thing, I mean, there’s just been a couple of things that have been put out there that were unfortunate because they were said and done out of malice and not out of any real truth from the other cast mates.


What has shocked you the most about being on the show so far?

KM: The depths at which some of the women will go to… how can I word this? To create a lie or to get people against you, I guess.


And, what’s been your medicine through all of that?

KM: Well, you know what so interesting is that what’s perceived on the show is a part of the show. But when I’m out in public, people act like I’m walking on water sometimes. And its scary because they really do love seeing me when I’m out in public. Whatever the perception is in a small snapshot of the show is by far completely different when I’m out in public and people just really seem like they adore me. I’m happy with that. Either way I’ll hold my head up high because I know who I am and what I stand for. And I’ve never tried to be quote unquote “Miss Congeniality.”  I know who I am, and I think that’s kind of what that means to me. I’ve never tried to be a conformist. I just am who I am. I’m a good person. I’m passionate. I’m caring and hopefully that’s what other people see. If they don’t I hope they keep watching and will see it one day.


Can you tell us about any opportunities that have come out of your being on the show that you can talk about right now?

KM: I don’t like to talk about things until there done. But let’s just say some endorsements. Some possible television shows. I got a call to open up for a famous R&B singer, like two of them, to be their opening act on tour. And I thought ‘you guys do know that I have one song, right? You guys do know that I don’t sing? I’m really talking.’ It was really funny.

Are you thinking about putting out a full album now?

KM: I doubt if I would put out a full album, but I just like to be inspired. If I’m inspired, to do another song I’ll do it. But, it won’t be something that I’m going to pursue as a living.


We all watched you go through it with Walter. You want to get married and have a baby. Are you any closer to making that happen?

KM: I’m definitely closer because I dumped the guy who would never give me any of those things! That in and of itself means I’m closer. But, trust me I definitely have people from various parts of the world calling to try to take me out on a date, so… I’m not sitting at home twiddling my thumbs waiting for the phone to ring.  I’m actually excited.


So the Stallion Booty workout tape …?

KM: I didn’t call it stallion booty. I was never really going to call it Stallion Booty. But it is a whole body workout that’s got a fat burning aspect, toning and getting your whole body in shape.

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