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EXCLUSIVE: Lauren London Opens Up About New Role On ‘The Game!’


Lauren London is back, honey.

The single 28-year-old actress took some time off after becoming a mother (she has a 3-year-old son Cameron, with former fiancee Lil’ Wayne), and we’ve seen her rock a red carpet here and there and more recently dip her toe back in the acting pool as a guest star on VH-1’s original series, “Single Ladies.” But a series regular? Or the anchor of a show? No m’am.

This, London says, is new. And she’s ready for it.

Starting next week, London will be entering our living rooms by way of BET’s hit series “The Game.” She’s picking up where Tia Mowry left off — she’s not playing Melanie, of course, but she will be the hot new young thing on the block, and ready to serve up comedy on a weekly basis.

In the sixth season of the series, London will play Kiera, a former child star who’ll be romantically linked with newcomer Jay Ellis. The new season premieres March 26 on BET at 10/9C.

We haven’t seen you in a while. Why did you want to jump in and do ‘The Game?’

I didn’t know how big of a role my character was gonna play in the audition. I actually just thought I was gonna be, like, you know, somewhat like a guest starring role. The scene that I auditioned for was hilarious. I remember going and watching the scene and really just being into the character, not knowing how big of a role it was gonna turn into. And then when they came to me with the offer of course I was like, ‘Yes!’ It’s such a big show on a cable network and just for black television period. And it was a comedy and I hadn’t done that. So all these things lined up and it just made me want to do it.

Any trepidation? There are going to be a lot of eyeballs tuning in, especially early on. A lot of folks want to see what the show is like minus Tia Mowry and with you taking the lead.

There’s a little bit of nervous energy. I gave my best and I can just pray and hope that stands out and that people can see with new eyes and be accepting. Hopefully I’m entertaining enough and funny and they’ll appreciate that. But I gave my best and I definitely want to still keep the same standard. I don’t think I did too bad, so…

The good news, of course, is that Lauren London is so beloved, so that should be an easy transition, as far as acceptance for you, right?

I haven’t done anything in a while. I’ve done a couple of things since I came back from having my child, but this is something new. I saw the first episode and it’s even new for ‘The Game.’ I think it’s good for television, I think it’s good. I really think it’s gonna be good.

What was that like for you, going back to work full-time, while balancing being a mom?

It was challenging for me because I didn’t have 24/7 with him, but all of the women in my life that are mothers worked and made it happen. It was good and grand and I think that it’s good for children sometimes to have a little bit of independence and not be up under you all the time. I made sure that my days off I was with him and spent time with him, made sure that the days I was gonna be on set really, really long he came on set, he knew what I was doing. This is just mommy’s work and mommy will be right back. It’s just life for me and I just do it. I get asked that question a lot. But women do it with three or four kids with no help at all. I’m blessed to have family that travel with me and help me with him.

Does he understand what mommy does for a living yet?

Not really. He just thinks that I have a lot of friends! And that’s OK with me.

What’s the key to raising your son in a blended family? (Lil Wayne has four children by four different women.)

Every situation is different, but I really want to create a peaceful environment for my child. I want him to know love and peace and balance and … that’s so important to me. I have no reason to dislike anyone or to have any conflict because the most important thing for me is for him to be raised in a peaceful environment where things can be settled. For me, that was just important.

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