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EXCLUSIVE: LisaRaye Shares 'Why I'm Trying Celibacy …'

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We rather love LisaRaye and her keep-it-real way of delivering a message, yes?

Cocoafab got to hang out with her recently on the set of her hit VH-1 show “Single Ladies,” and the 45-year-old stunner talked about how she’s trying something she’s never done before – not having sex.

“I’m in a new place. I’ve tried everything but celibacy, and I really want to know what it feels like to be touched by someone with a mental touch and not a physical touch,” she shares. “I want to know what it is to build the foundation of the friendship for real, to have my best friend and not because we’re just intimate, but because we’re mentally intimate. So I’m waiting for that person to come into my life. And when I get myself together, I know God is gonna bless me with that, because I don’t want to come with extra baggage. I’ll come with some, but it’s not fair to him to come with a whole bunch.”

So where did this new enlightenment come from? Life, she says. We first were introduced to LisaRaye in the 1998 film, “Player’s Club,” where she portrayed a hot-bodied stripper named Diamond. Over the years, she’s mostly be associated for her striking features, and she’s rather over it, she says.

“When men meet me, they’re in awe of the image. I’m so turned off by that. Automatically I’m like, ‘Boy move.’ You know what I mean? Baby, bye. Because now you’re not gonna give me a real chance because you’re like, ‘You do look good in person.’ It’s like, ‘OK. How many times can I say thank you? But you don’t know I can be a great friend? You don’t know I can cook. You don’t know that I’m a nurturer. You don’t know that I prefer to stay at home and watch a movie and pop my own popcorn. But because the image is the strong, confident woman that’s like, Bam! In your face. Ay, you ain’t giving me a chance automatically.’ So a lot of my guy friends I have to go: ‘A ha ha ha ha!’ the whole time. I can be a good friend. Hello! So I want someone to know me, to learn me. I want to start dating the man that I’m gonna marry. I want to start having some fun with someone that I know I’m gonna be with. I don’t play any games. I’m too old for that. I’ve been there, I’ve been around the block. I’m cultured, I’ve done a lot of things. I’m famous. I have money. I am polished, you know what I mean? I am a woman and I need a man, not a boy. I don’t want to be a teacher. I’m not trying to be your mother, I want to be your significant other.”

“Single Ladies” returns to VH-1 this fall. We’ll share more of our exclusive interview with LisaRaye next week …

36 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: LisaRaye Shares 'Why I'm Trying Celibacy …'”

  1. MAC126

    Hi there .I am ready to learn you ,if I get chance to talk to you or meet you .I will be your best friend before anything ,you sound like a sprit woman ,may good bless you .no easy to be friend with famous ,you talk like mature woman .not easy to find this days,
    diolof man from Africa living here in the smaller state. FACEBOOK NAME MAC DOM

  2. brendaharrison

    i have a problem, does Lraye think peop[le are stupid, I thought she keeps it real, so tired of the narsictic woman who play with god , you know the jezebel, of this day and that is why our young woman are stumbling, fake role models. a woman of virtue or even a woman of god carries herself in a way,  not judging, but to more is given more is requried.  you cannot take pics of yoursel fin the bathroom in your underwear and  post on fb, not only post any pics you can of yourself on bad terms, walk the walk also the naked pics postd on the other websites she has  to know, not everyone likes the adulation of a man. she is learning or tired of being used, it does run out. and also she is engaged or married by now to Randy jackson who has moved down south with her.  she needs to clean up her image before you pas out  a strong tongue. keep it real our young woman are struggling, dont be bipiloar,

  3. taranicols

    Yes, I do agree, LisRaye has had a lot of bad publicity regarding her affairs, then she is really not satisfied with herself, after years of having empty sex and affairs, i guess so.   She is was engaged to Randy jackso, but i was told he broke things off.  But she is know trying to clean up for the Bishop Noel Joens, but his congregation will not have her in any way.  Her white is played out for real.  When a woman puts her self out there so much and in drama, her reputation will plague her, it dosent matter how much money she has or whatever e rated film she is in, you get empty and turn to god for Real.

  4. chill_ j

    Chilly j to be or not to be
    in an upcoming news article lisa raye mccoy conifides to a close source of trashing the jackson family from personal conversations allegedly from randy regarding issues with his entire family. She also dicusses situations wwith his newfound son and why he calls her mother. sources close to lisa raye have always noted drama beginning with the P.R. attack on her ex husband back in 2008 until she reached a settelment.
    sources close to randy have acknowledged a “brief relationship” but he has definitely moved on. Randy definitely relocated but it has nothing to do with lisa raye mccoy.
    according to major media sources, randy is one of the most outspoken and is a vital part of the jackson clan fight against his brother, michael jackson’s legacy, recently taking to his twitter page regarding a video message that may have been manipulated.
    sources close to lisa raye have confirmed that she went to great lengths to stop the publication.
    and the drama continues.


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