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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Love & Hip Hop’s’ Tara Wallace Gets Real About Plan B, Safe Sex & STD Scares With Peter Gunz

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Fans of Love & Hip Hop have been shocked by the love triangle between Peter Gunz, Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace all season, but this week’s episode took the cake.

Women were enraged when Tara started sleeping with Peter after she learned of his secret marriage to Amina and were even more disgusted when she revealed that she had taken two emergency contraceptive pills in the past two months after sexing up her ex.

How could someone have unprotected sex with a partner they knew was cheating?

In an exclusive interview with CocoaFab, Tara clears up some confusion and reveals her real reasons for using Plan B with Peter.

First off, tara isn’t proud of the fact that she ended up in bed with her ex after she found out he was a cheater.

“To revisit old territory would show a sign of weakness and most people don’t accept that those moments were for me and not for him. There are real emotions here and I’m not a robot,” she said.

“The truth is, sometimes I do miss him physically. It doesn’t make my goal change which is that I know I can’t continue to do that and I don’t continue to do that. Sometimes you take five steps forward and fall back three.”

Tara insists she’s no longer sleeping with Peter but has no regrets about being so transparent about her indiscretions on the show.

“It is embarrassing but the one thing that I have been from the beginning is very honest. These are moments I chose to engage in and it doesn’t make me a weak person, it makes me human,” she said. “That brought me to the place where I said I used Plan B and people went insane I think.”

According to Tara, the emergency contraceptives were an extra safety measure, but that doesn’t mean she was having unprotected sex with Peter.

“First of all, women have fought for the right to choose their own methods of birth control and women take birth control every day. Just because I want to be on the safe side and use Plan B doesn’t make me a bad person,” she said. “That’s why it’s there, actually. Even in having protected sex things happen. I can’t allow a mishap to happen while having protected sex with Peter. I still have to protect myself.”

While some of her haters say she has been irresponsible, Tara feels her behavior is just the opposite.

“In this mess up that I allowed myself to participate in do I want that to result in having a child? No. As a responsible person I go and make sure I’m doing the right thing for myself,” she explained. “Birth control is to prevent pregnancy and Plan B is to stop the process from happening.”

Tara also revealed that even after discovering her man was a cheater, she had no fears about transmitting an STD.

“I wasn’t scared for my health to be honest because Peter and I get tested and we are very much on top of our health,” she said.

“Peter is actually a complete germaphobe. When we first met, he said he had a thing about kissing girls on the mouth. We went months before we actually kissed on the mouth.”

Despite his disgusting behavior, Tara has every confidence that peter does the right thing when it comes to their sexual health.

“We are very much so responsible people in that light. Despite what you see on the show with his other relationship, we’re not just careless people.”

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