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EXCLUSIVE: Marlo Hampton Dishes Dating Advice & Says She’s No Gold Digger!

All eyes are on Marlo Hampton now that the battle of the bridesmaids has begun on I Dream of Nene: The Wedding. 

The fashion-forward reality star is still taking heat for her dating habits and past transgressions. CocoaFab caught up with the embattled bridesmaid to get her single girl strategies and dating tips for doing “well”.

“I am single and I’m mingling.  I’m dating. I’m not married and I don’t have any kids. One thing I’m big on is I don’t believe in settling,” she says. “I feel that I’m gonna be with who I’m gonna be with and I’m gonna be happy but if not I’m just gonna stay in the gym, stay hot and fine and love Marlo.”

Ms. Hampton is focused on her fitness at all times.

“I walk around the park three miles every day. I try to walk and run. I also try to train at least four days a week, but I backed off because my thighs have been getting so big from the weights.  Now I’m trying to get more cardio in,” she explains.

“This morning I had egg white, half an avocado and some grape fruit juice.  I try to eat something every three hours, at least six meals a day,” she says. “One of the best things in my diet is alcohol. It’s great. I tell the girls, egg whites, salad and make sure you put that alcohol in there, it will help you out.”

Marlo hasn’t had any issues with her weight, but she did have a perspective shift once she jumped into the fashion world.

“I haven’t struggled with my weight but I’m from Florida and back home, it’s all about being thick. You gotta have the butt and the thighs,” she says. “When I started getting into fashion I realized, I don’t want to be thick I want to be kind of slim. When I go home all my family members are like, ‘Ew! What’s wrong with you?’ And I’m like, ‘This is fashion!”

The fashion queen has some sound advice for single women of the world.

“Single ladies need to love themselves first. I love myself like no other. I try to be as confident as I can,” she says. “Don’t get it twisted. I do have insecurities as every single woman does.”

Although she’s still single, Marlo focuses on herself and let’s the rest just happen.

“What’s meant for you is gonna come to you. I feel I have good energy. You have to live a good life and realize what goes around comes around. If you’re a good person then you will attract good energy.”

It’s also important to set standards that work for you.

“A man is always going to do what you allow him to do. You have to set the standards of what you’re gonna tolerate in life,” she says.

Marlo has been criticized for the company she keeps and some of the women suggest she’s chasing paper.

“Diana says I just sleep with such and such for my lifestyle. It’s not that sweetie, I just have standards,” she says. “I can do bad my my damn self.”

Her habits have more to do with her game plan.

“When you look like money, you attract money.  Hand out at nice locations where you will attract nice things,” she explains. “I’m a five star chick and I’m gonna hang out at all five star.”

Despite her high standards, Marlo is no gold digger.

“I’m gonna tell you this. If I find a guy and he’s broke and I really love him, I hope he has fashion sense.  I’m OK with it if he has that drive to get out there and work. When I dated Charles Grant, he wasn’t loaded.  I had more money than him at the time.  I was taking care of him,” she reveals.

“I was really attracted to him and we related on a different level. I don’t want a broke man to sit at my house all day.  I’m not gonna be taking care of a man. He better be able to at least feed me and pay for a roof over my head.”

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  1. everydaynyemade

    I like Mario. She is who she is and not who we want her to be. The reason your dad does for your mom is to make sure she sleeps with him only. She looks fab, wears clothes well, and would do well at designing and selling under garments and bathing suits for women.


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