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EXCLUSIVE: Marlo Hampton Dishes On NeNe’s Wedding, Crazy Bridesmaids & Style Secrets

Marlo hampton and nene leakes

There are so many reasons to watch I Dream of Nene: The Wedding and one of the biggest reasons is the return of Marlo Hampton to the small screen.

It has been a while since we watched her on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and now she’s back to help her friend get down that aisle…again. In an exclusive interview with CocoaFab, Marlo dishes details on the lavish wedding, crazy bridesmaids and secrets to her sexy style.

“My style comes from my mother. She couldn’t afford expensive things when I was little but we would go to the Goodwill to get our outfits and she would come home and clean them and press them really good,” she says.

“When I tell you we were the best dressed kids, it was crazy because we had things from the Goodwill. One of the key things is accessories. It’s all about accessories like bracelets or scarves or hats or earrings and I just go with it.”

According to Marlo, she’s not as high-maintenance as she seems.

“I just go with what feels good. Me and my stylist get into it sometimes because I believe it doesn’t have to match it just has to look good,” she says. “I wasn’t always able to afford labels. I do like them, but I don’t have to have them all the time.  A piece I buy at TJ Maxx will get mixed with Chanel.”

The starlet is serious about her passion for fashion.

“I love all designers. I love anything that blings. I love pearls, I love patterns, I love it all.”

Marlo met Nene long before she shot to superstardom and even had a hand in her style transformation. “I owned a boutique and I styled Nene for her first episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” she reveals. “She looks beautiful. I know Nene admires a lot of my style and fashion sense and that’s where a lot of it came from but I love it. I think these are some of the best years of her life as in appearance and fashion.”

Her expert opinion came in handy since Nene’s girls were asked to design their own dresses for her big day. Marlo’s style savvy scored her a gig as the wedding’s Creative Director.

“I got to help her pick out linens and pick out the design for the wedding and flowers and crystals and all of that,” she says. “That’s what a lot of the girls don’t realize is that I was a bridesmaid and the creative director of this wedding.”

The other girls didn’t always appreciate Marlo’s efforts and last week was just the beginning of the battle between the bridesmaids.

We expected some drama to unfold with the all-star line up of bridesmaids in the mix, but no one could have predicted the shade we saw on last week’s episode. Diana Gowins didn’t mince words with the fashionista and a few other friends she doesn’t approve of for Nene.

You know I was really shocked. She caught me by surprise. I’m like, ‘are you serious?’ I was just really appalled,” she said of Diana’s catty comments.  “Diana has a single black female thing going on. I have never in my life seen a woman be that protective of and that crazy over another woman having friends.”

Diana didn’t understand why Nene would ask certain women to join her wedding party and called Marlo an “opportunist” to her face in the shady showdown.

“I think Diana is just really cuckoo and needs to get a mental evaluation. It’s just really bogus and the girl is just crazy,” she says.

“I had met Dianna before because my friend has kids and Diana has two by a married man so I met her before at the baseball field. I thought we were cool,” she said. “If Diana had any sense, she would be trying to be my friend so I could help her out with her fashion. We may have trouble trying to style a linebacker though, she’s a little too wide.”

Marlo admits she was caught off guard, but he should be used to her haters by now.

“For her to try to act like she’s living in this glass house and she’s not living in one and you just wanna sit and put accusations on me and what I’m doing and how i afford my lifestyle–i just think it’s so hilarious. I’m like, ‘don’t you have children by a married man? Are you serious right now?’ I mean that’s awful.”

While she says the ladies were watching her every move, some should be more worried about their own behavior. “No matter what you can say you’re never gonna hear about Marlo dating a married man. Thats a no no. Not at all.”

Marlo’s days on RHOA didn’t prepare her for this much drama.

“You never know what the hell to expect because you never know whats gonna come out of someone’s mouth. When I was with Diana that day for brunch I was seriously shocked,” she admits. “Like, day one? For real? You’re gonna go here seriously? Can’t you just get to know me?”

We’ll get to watch the rest of the drama unfold on this week’s episode of I Dream of Nene: The Wedding, and according to Marlo, it’s gonna be a doozey.

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  1. ToniJones

    I was suprised at Diana, because I thought she was cool, but people like her as friends will soon be enemies! Marlo is one of my Fav of the group.


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