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EXCLUSIVE: Married To Medicine’s Lisa Nicole Cloud On ‘Out of Control’ Feud With Quad Webb-Lunceford

Married To Medicine is back for Season 3 and all of the ladies seem to be turned way up this year.

The season premiere showed some serious tension between cast members like Toya Bush-Harris and Dr. Simone Whitmore who nearly lost her mind at her new nemesis’ Halloween party.

Her blowup was nothing compared to the all-out war we saw spark between Quad Webb-Lunceford and Lisa Nicole Cloud and something tell us the battle between these two beauties is far from over.

Quad is upset that Lisa ran a background check on her even though it doesn’t seem like she dug up any skeletons and insisted it was for business purposes only.

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CocoaFab caught up with Lisa Nicole to find out what’s at the real root of her new beef.

“I think Quad has insecurities and I think perhaps in the past she has been hurt so she’s not trusting of people. As a result of that she’s on the defensive with everybody even when things were not maliciously intended to hurt her she feels like everyone is after her. I think that’s something she’s going to have to work through,” she said.

“Before the seasons started I tried to get with her and say ‘let’s work through this,’ and ‘I”m sorry if me doing a background check offended you’ and I explained that I do a background check on anybody I do business with because people aren’t always who they appear to be. I never told one person what was in her background and she had a hard time believing that and accepting that. I hope she can get to a better place where she can accept and forgive and move past it when someone tells her they’re sorry. I hope one day she will learn how to move on.”

Last week, Quad took her fury to a new level during an interview with YBF where she insinuated that Lisa Nicole was hiding a shady past.

“When you open up Pandora’s box….She is very unruly. There are a couple of things. I don’t want to get too ahead of myself. Well…let’s just say she’s been “booked” and I don’t mean at a concert or speaking engagement,” she said.

“She’s been a lawless villain…She’s been charged…and I don’t mean American Express,” she teased. “You might want to look in the domestic area. Infidelity. Domestic. Put two and two together.”

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According to Lisa Nicole, she has nothing to hide.

“You will see throughout the season and I don’t think my husband and I have ever tried to hide the fact that before we were married we definitely had some challenging times pertaining to womanizing and infidelity,” she said.

“I read some of the comments she made and I was like, ‘wow.’ This situation spiraled out of control. It’s very clear she wanted it to be a story line because she likes to fill her story lines with controversy and she tends to go after cast members you would least expect her to have conflict with. It’s always someone and she probably thought I would just step back but there are certain things you just don’t mess with. You do not mess with people’s families and you don’t lie just for a storyline. Its just not necessary to be entertaining.”



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