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Exclusive! Meagan Good & DeVon Franklin on New Show and God's Plan for Marriage

Courtesy of Ebony Magazine

Last night, Meagan Good debuted her new show “Deception” on NBC, which is her first major starring role on a primetime television show. And given the fact that she’s been acting since she was 4-years-old, that’s a pretty big deal.

“It’s awesome. Definitely is a change, and I feel like I’m becoming better at my craft,” Good tells CocoaFab. “I love that I get to do everything from action to drama to love triangle to family drama to procedural. It feels like everyone is excited for the next episode because they like the storyline and they like the character. That is the best feeling.”

However, for new hubby DeVon Franklin, it’s the little things that have really blown his mind about his wife’s new gig. “It’s crazy because we left our apartment and bam right there there’s a billboard of her,” says Franklin. “All of this is exciting and it’s just God in action.”

Good plays Detective Joanna Locasto who is brought in to investigate the death of her childhood friend and is trying to untangle a web of family secrets. Many critics are comparing “Deception” to “Scandal,” and suggesting that the shows are unique because they have black women as the lead characters.

“It makes me happy and it makes me feel humbled to be in the ranks with Kerry Washington, she is incredible and such a brilliant actress,” says Good. “She hit me up on Twitter and offered me so much support.”

And yet, while this role is catapulting her career, it’s her new role as a wife that has Meagan and DeVon, and now featured in Ebony Magazine, so excited. The two newlyweds are featured on the cover of the February 2013 issue of Ebony Magazine talking about everything from long-distance love to how they knew they were soul mates.

“We actually just got back from our official honeymoon in Cabo,” says Good. “It was the first time I can remember just really shutting it down to just get really relaxed and rested,” adds Franklin.

The couple got married last June after a whirlwind courtship and, of course, their fair share of buzz from the blogosphere. While many questioned why and how Franklin, a film executive and Seventh Day Adventist minister, was marrying Good, a sexy young actress, the two Christian lovebirds knew it was meant to be after a few divine interventions.

“We are so excited for people to see the magazine and to read our story,” says Good. “We hope it inspires people and blesses them the way it’s blessed us,” adds Franklin.

Pick up a copy of Ebony Magazine’s ‘Black Love’ issue, on newsstands this week. And tune into Meagan’s new show, NBC’s “Deception” on Mondays 10/9c.

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