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EXCLUSIVE: The P.T.O. Meeting Gets Ugly on ‘Mother Funders

Last week, Mother Funders premiered on Bravo and introduced us to six Georgia women and their fearless leader, Carla Stephens.

The women are hell bent on raising big bucks for their children’s elementary school and they will stop at nothing to make their goal of $100,000.

The only problem is, they will have to deal with conflicting personalities and a penny-pinching public to get what they want.

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In an exclusive preview of this week’s episode, we see the ladies try to get through a meeting without biting each other’s heads off but it looks like Amber C has had enough of the drama.

“It disturbs me highly that every meeting is going in this direction,” says Shayzon Prince.

Meanwhile, Robin just wants to make sure she can get off probation.

Check out the sneak peek above.

Mother Funders airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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  1. troubletonia

    MyCocoaFab robindyke ShayzonPrince Bravotv SMH! I’m just waiting for C to get a southern style slap.


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