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EXCLUSIVE: Mama Joyce Denies ‘RHOA’ Set Up Scheme: ‘They Lied On Me!’

Mama Joyce

There has been no shortage of drama on this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta and one of the biggest culprits is Mama Joyce.

CocoaFab caught up with Kandi Burruss‘ mother to get her side of the story that she tried to set up Todd Tucker.

This week’s episode showed Kandi’s shock and horror when she heard the vicious voicemail her mother left for her friend, Carmon.

“It was really hard for me to watch the last episode for one thing because they were lying on me so that was the hardest part,” she says. “I never once asked this guy, Benny, to set Todd up.”

Mama Joyce says she was approached about his ability to snap photos of Todd behaving badly and she agreed to pay for pictures.

“I did tell him that I would pay for some pictures,” she admits.

“He told me Carmon was sitting on Todd’s lap.  I said, ‘Wow, for real?’ I knew Kandi would not believe me because I had told her something and she didn’t believe me so I knew she would only believe us if she saw actual pictures. I said I would pay him for some pictures. I didn’t say nothing about no posing pictures. I meant if he was really behaving that way not when he’s posing with fans. That was the extent of our conversation.”

Mama Joyce says she was shocked when the whole mess unfolded.

“I had really forgotten all about it until two weeks later when I got  call from Crystal. She is like my niece and she told me Carmon called her and cussed her out and threatened to beat her a$$ and all of that. She just went off on this girl,” she explains.

“When she called me it pissed me off and I was so angry.  I tried to call Kandi and couldn’t reach her so that’s when I called Carmon. When I called Carmon I left the voicemail and told her what it was gonna be and that’s how that came about. ”

Joyce says she was hurt by the fact that her daughter would believe such a terrible story about her.

“I told Kandi about that story a long time ago that I said I would pay for pictures so thats why I don’t understand who came up with this about me setting Todd up. I didn’t say anything about setting Todd up. That’s so stupid to even think I would do that,” she says.

“If a woman is in love with a man you can’t set him up no damn way. I wouldn’t even think of that. That would be crazy! Thats why I was so mad when I saw the episode because you know damn well I wouldn’t do no stuff like that.”

Despite the backlash from her bad behavior on the show, Mama Joyce is confident about her character.

“One thing about me, if I say something, I’ll own up to it whether it’s good or bad. I don’t lie. I don’t have no reason to lie. I wouldn’t do nothing to hurt nobody like that,” she says. “That’s what really hurt me that she would even consider that I could do that.”

Even though her feelings get hurt by all of the banter, she says she’s more angry than anything.

“It really makes me angry. To hear somebody outright lie about you and there’s nothing you can do about it you get mad.”

So what’s the real reason Mama Joyce doesn’t approve of Todd? It all comes down to his work ethic.

“A lot of the negative feelings I have about Todd comes from the fact that when he started dating Kandi the first thing he did was work on Kandi’s new show and then he did Kim [Zolciak’s] wedding show and after that he stopped working for two months,” she says.

“He said he was gonna take some time off. I was like, what is his motive? It just doesn’t seem like he’s real. Every time something happens he says he has a job out of town and he wants her to beg him not to take the job,” she says.

“Then all of the sudden he’s free to do the play.  I would like to see the contract of that job he had because I don’t believe he had no job in the first place.  I think he makes stuff up.”

Mama Joyce also weighed in on the brutal brawl at the pillow party and suspects her daughter had other reasons for getting o turned up.

“I don’t believe that Kandi was really that mad at Cynthia’s sister. I think she was mad that someone was saying things about Todd. She will do anything for me not to be right,” she says.

“Someone I don’t even know said the same things I was saying and that’s what she was the most mad about. I believe in being straight up and I believe she was mad that they called Todd out for what he is.”

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