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EXCLUSIVE: Pastor Wayne Chaney Talks Luxe Living; Defends ‘Preachers Of L.A.’

The stars of Preachers Of L.A. have been causing quite the stir since their hit show premiered and prompted backlash from fans and critics alike. With only three episodes under their belt, they have set Twitter ablaze and even sparked the ire of Bishop T.D. Jakes. 

CocoaFab caught up with Pastor Wayne Chaney to get his take on the show, his thoughts on lavish living and why he’s proud to be ‘saved,sanctified and sexual.’

CocoaFab: You were missing from the last episode. Why?

I think its pretty balanced in terms of us being featured.  I think most guys are going to fit a couple episodes and we understand we have to follow a story line.  A brother would have liked a cameo or something in there.

CocoaFab: What was your initial response to the premiere?

We knew it was gonna do great in terms of ratings but we had no idea it was gonna go through the roof the way it did.  As far as the overall feeling of the show, I enjoyed it. I think it gives a candid look into the lives of pastors. We have candid discussions and many times when we are passionate about things we don’t agree on them.

CocoaFab: Were you surprised by the backlash?

I think you would be hard pressed to find anything in there that dishonors God. One guy called my wife’s outfit lingerie and its foolishness.  It was a house robe.  We show affection and that’s it.  If people have a problem with me showing that level of affection for my wife, that’s silly.

CocoaFab: Talk about being ‘saved, sanctified and sexual’…

Context is always king. If someone was single and wants to be sanctified and sexual with their girlfriend or boo, thats a completely different story. When you’re married and you’re talking about being saved and sexual, I think God smiles on that. Whoever has a problem with that probably needs to get a love life!

I don’t think there’s anything I have done that would contradict our beliefs.

CocoaFab: What do you say to critics who blast the lavish lifestyles we see you living on the show?

Most men on the show demonstrate the trappings of success. The initial assumption is these men rare building wealth on the back of their congregants or tithe-paying members who are struggling.

I want to debunk that myth. There may be some people that do that but most of the men I know on the show are not amassing wealth upon their members.  These guys have multiple streams of income. They have best-selling books, they speak across the globe, Bishop Noel Jones was a millionaire in his early twenties in his own work. I have not taken a raise from my church in eight years.  SInce that time the church has tripled in size and quadrupled in financial resources and my salary has remained the same.

I don’t even have a retirement plan from my church. You sacrifice for the faith of the kingdom, God opens up other doors and he has definitely done that for me. I think that’s important for people to understand. Don’t assume it’s coming off the backs of tide-paying members. Most guys earn fairly modest salaries from the church and have other business endeavors outside the church that help secure their finances.

CocoaFab: Does lavish living contradict the message that we shouldn’t be attached to worldly things? How many meals can a Bentley buy for starving people?

I think that there is a balance. What we don’t see is the giving we do privately to those less fortunate. In regard to the message, I don’t think having things that suit your taste takes away from your ability to give large sums to charity. It depends on the individual and their circumstances. Many people who donate to those less fortunate have been blessed significantly.  I live a fairly modest life style based on what I can afford. Can I afford a more expensive home or car? Absolutely. But because I want to give back to others and my ministry, I forego some of those things.  These other men could be giving away more than they spend on themselves. Should men who have given their lives to God be able to have nice things? I say the answer is yes as long as the things don’t have them.

CocoaFab: How did you feel about Bishop T.D. Jakes’ thoughts on the show?

I highly respect Bishop Jakes and have for years. He’s one of the premiere preachers in the United States and one of the most recognized figures of faith. It stung a bit. When you have someone of his stature making those kind of comments it comes with a degree of authority that someone with a random opinion doesn’t have. It caught most of us off guard. After watching the video, it seemed more like him responding to potential critics.

Guys like me who haven’t taken a raise from their church in eight years and compare it to Bishop Jones who drives a Ferrarri and has a 3 or 4 million dollar house, it starts to make sense. Again, I guess I don’t know why he made the connection because he is good friends with Bishop Jones and he knows he was a millionaire in his early twenties. I stand by the comment made I just don’t know if it was directed toward the right guys.

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