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EXCLUSIVE: Rasheeda Dishes On Kandi’s Wedding & Mama Joyce’s Bad Behavior

rasheeda & kandi

Rasheeda knows a thing or two about having to live out a romantic relationship in the public eye thanks to Kirk Frost‘s humiliating antics on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Fortunately for Kandi Burruss, she had a good friend to get advice from when the world got involved with her romance.

“We talked about it a lot. At the end of the day it comes down to making your own decisions and doing what you feel is right. When it comes to a marriage or a relationship you can’t let outside people make decisions for you,” she says.

“Nobody knows what goes on 24/7 but people always want to chime in on your sh*t and they don’t know the half of what’s really going on. It can be a real sticky situation and a real stressful situation. You have to pray and you have to stay focused and listen to your heart.”

She also weighed in on Mama Joyce and her constant criticism of her daughter’s man, Todd Tucker.

“I talk to Kandi frequently so I understand everything that’s going on. It’s hard to talk to a friend about their mom. That’s somebody that they love and the situation is not easy,” she says.

“I tell her to do what makes her happy and makes her feel good. That was my main thing with her. She has to be happy.”

She also revealed that she doesn’t believe Kandi’s mom is acting out for the cameras, but insists she has never held her tongue.

“She definitely ain’t like no damn Momma Dee but I will say that’s her. What you see is what you get. When there ain’t no cameras, Mama Joyce says and does what she feels. When the cameras are on she’s the same way,” she says.

“Kandi understand and knows her mama and at the end of the day she’s gonna be down for her mom but she’s gonna do what makes her happy because she’s grown.”

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