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EXCLUSIVE! Ray J Says Kim K Hasn’t Called About ‘The Song’ Plus A Video Is Coming

Ray J-solo

What started as a catchy song seemingly throwing shade at ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian has turned into a full blow club banger and Top 10 Hip-Hop/R&B chart topper. And that’s just what Ray J wanted.

“Numbers don’t lie,” Ray J told CocoaFab exclusively Monday afternoon about his hit song “I Hit It First”. “The song has been topping the charts all week and independently it’s been breaking records. People should see it for that and it’s successful. We’ve been really positive and we’ve been focusing on the concept as opposed to the controversy. I think it will continue to do well.”

And surprisingly, despite the controversy Ray J insists that his professional relationships with other rappers, singers and Hollywood heavyweights hasn’t changed with the release of “I Hit It First.” Perhaps that’s because he hasn’t been reading texts.

“I haven’t been focusing on the texts in my phone because I’m getting so many right now,” he admits. “I just want to stay focused on a positive path and sometimes when you pay attention to that, then it throws you left.”

That cagey answer just meant that we absolutely had to ask whether Kim Kardashian had called or reached out to him about the controversial song. His response? “Nah, nah.” And has he called or reached out to her just to let her know that he has, in his words, “nothing but the utmost respect for everybody”? Ray confesses, “nah, nah. It’s all love and respect from over here.”

So while he is riding the wave of success thanks to the gossip blogs, radio DJs and club heads, Ray J insists “the focus of the song is the concept, the vibe, the beat, and the hook.” Yes, that unforgettable, sing-songy hook.

Many critics of the song and its lyrics speculated that Ray released the song at the perfect moment, when his ex was pregnant by another man, and perhaps not just any man, but Kanye West. Did Ray strike while the iron was hot and hurry to push out a salacious song?

“Nah. We did the song 8 months ago so we just had to make sure we put together the right deal and the right promotional plan so that the song could reach as high as it could go,” says Ray J, who is gearing up for the premier of his new show on Oxygen Network “Bad Girls All-Star Battle.”

He added, “It was literally on the schedule and we had always had the song planned to come out around this time and we didn’t base it on anything else that was going on outside of our world.”

For those who follow Ray J on Twitter, you know that he is a silly guy. So when I guessed that a spoof video of this song would be on the horizon, he lit up.

“You get it,” he smiled. “I’m having fun with this. It’s a joke and it’s catchy. We’re just being men. Yeah, [I] plan on doing a video. It’ll be kind of spoof-ish.”

So who or what will be in the spoof? “Familiar faces. [Laughing] Very familiar faces.”

Uh oh! Get ready to see women who favor Kim K and other loves in his past, he teases. “You’ll see some lookalikes, lets just say that.”

The video has already been shot and he promises to release it soon. It will be “fun, of course it’s edgy, of course it’s about my life, of course it has elements of my past and people that I’ve dealt with.”

Will be a part two or a follow up song released? Ray J tries to remain tight-lipped.  All he’ll say is, “get ready for more music. It’s coming.”

TELL US: Are you excited or afraid to see Ray J’s spoof video of “I Hit It First”?

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