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EXCLUSIVE! Roc Nation’s Bridget Kelly Dishes On New Music, Her Go To Products & Her Love-Hate for Instagram

Soul Train Awards 2013

Soul Train Awards 2013

Recently, we got the chance to chit chat with the super talented and gorgeous Bridget Kelly. We caught with her as she was on the EOS Tour with label mates Melanie Fiona and newcomer Elijah Blake. The Roc Nation singer dishes on her new music, wearing more black in the fall, her love-hate for Instagram and that really horrible beauty trend she wouldn’t let go when she was younger.

COCOA FAB: So tell us what’s going on musically. We know Something Different is coming, we can’t wait but what else?

BRIDGET KELLY: The album is finally done. We’re looking to release it soon. But going through the selection process, I realized there were so many more songs I wanted to put out. So I decided to “cheat” and put some more material out. Plus, I wanna build with my fans some more. There’s been so many breaks. And not enough consistency with a strong flow of music so I’m putting out 5 new songs on my website [this month] just to throw out to the atmosphere. Let the fans see what they love and figure out what they want to hold on to. That’s really exciting for me. And obviously, this EOS tour is really dope with myself and my girl, Melanie Fiona.


CF: We love that! It’s cool too because we get to keep up with you on social media. What do you like and not so like about social media?

BK: I’ve come to hate Instagram actually.


CF: Really?!

BK: Yeah, because once I post an outfit on there, I can’t wear it again like for 4 weeks. (laughs) Because people pay attention. So, I gotta recycle, I gotta go buy new stuff. Like, that’s the worst thing about Instagram. I’m over it. Someone will say, “I saw that on you earlier” and it’s like my life is now being dictated by what I wore on Instagram.

But I like being to interact with my fans on Twitter. It’s a lot of fun. When people host contests on there and things like that, I think it’s really cool to find out what people are thinking: what they like, what they’re listening to. I follow funny people too. I follow Kevin Hart, he’s like comedic word vomit. It’s nonstop! I love it! It’s really a great platform for us to connect to our fans.


CF: Aside from your music, we’re such fans of your hair. So what’s your favorite hairstyle now?

BK: I love the bob, but I’m really liking the topknot. The topknot is just a great go to, it’s low maintenance, it doesn’t require too much. A little hairspray, a little toothbrush to get the baby hairs together, and I feel really good. The bob is good because it’s sexy, it’s mysterious, but with the topknot you can see my face – you can see my eyes, my skin, my cheekbones, and I like that. (The singer recently cut her hair – and shared a pic on Instagram – into an asymmetrical style that really flatters her features!)


CF: Now that fall is here, what’s your “I have to do this” beauty regimen?

BK: I got put onto EOS lotions and creams and they’ve been saving my knuckles and this little crevice (points to area between thumb and index finger). That I refer to as “the ash spot”. So EOS moisturizers have really been preventing my skin from dryness. I’m a big fan Aveeno facial moisturizer because my skin is oily but because it’s nearing wintertime and it’s so cold and so brittle, I have to make sure I stay moisturized. I also use a lot of MAC products. They have an oil control moisturizer that I use also. I literally go in there and spend way too much money all the time. Lots of concealer. My eyes tend to get puffy in the morning so I’m big on concealer. And I have this really great mask by Nuance – it’s Salma Hayek’s company. It’s a nice little cooling mask. That keeps my skin refreshed.


CF: When it comes to your style, how would you describe it in three words?

BK: Chic, sexy, classy.


CF: So how do you transition your style for fall and winter?

BK: I definitely wear more black and I’m more covered up. Sweaters, I’m not a huge layers person and I’m not a winter person as it is. I don’t like to have to peel stuff off. But I love all black and I wear darker shades in the winter.


CF: What’s the one thing in your closet you would save if there was a fire?

BK: This green leather Chloe jacket that I will never, ever let go of. It’s the most phenomenal piece I’ve ever purchased.


CF: And with beauty, what’s that “I’m gonna walk out the house but I have to put this on” item for you?

BK: This Nivea chapstick. It’s a little tinted and if I put enough on it gets glossy. I kind of looks like a lip gloss. I like a natural kind of soft pink.


CF: Growing up, what was that bad beauty trend you would not let go of?

BK: The dark lipliner. Jesus help me. At some point the liner I now use on my eyes, used to be around my mouth. It was brown lipliner with that shiny, shimmering champagne colored lip. It was that, and at some point I did a red liner. Selena [the singer] did that to me and the girl from Dangerous Minds put me on to the brown liner.


CF: Let’s transition to the good. What’s been your favorite red carpet moment to date?

BK: I have to say my BET Awards gown this year. It was a fluorescent yellow dress, it was flowy, it had a train. I feel it offset the short, bright, tight dress trend that was overdone this year. (We agree, but Bridget’s Soul Train Awards red carpet look was superb as well.)






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