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EXCLUSIVE: Steve Harvey Shares His Next Move!

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Steve Harvey had a dream as a kid: he wanted to be on television.

That reality didn’t come to fruition until he was 38-years-old, but he held fast to it. Now? The comedian and actor is hosting a talk show five-days a week, but nearly 20 years later at 56, he hopes to realize a new dream.

“Motivational speaker,” he shares with CocoaFab. “That’s where I’m headed next. But not to the pulpit! I’m not qualified for that. People tell me that all the time ‘Steve you missed your calling. You should have been a minister.’ I spread the message of God and hope, but I’m not a preacher.”

Harvey is hosting his 6th Annual Disney Dreamers Academy with Essence Magazine; the annual event brings high school aged kids from all across the country to teach them how to be on a path to success. Other famous faces who will speak with the kids over the course of the weekend include film producer Will Packer, Lamman Rucker, Lance Gross, Yolanda Adams, James Pickens Jr., Chandra Wilson and Olympic star Kellie Wells.

The four-day event began on Thursday, and Harvey is a hands on mentor for the children and their parents. When he gives his opening remarks, he usually tells the kids about his dream to be on television and how hard he had to work to make it in Hollywood.

Harvey recently retired from doing stand-up and now broadcasts his talk show from Chicago.

Talking more about his new desire to be a motivational speaker, Harvey can’t resist treating the interview like a part comedy show and part church service.

“Most people are (preachers),” Harvey says. “Most people fit right in that lane right there. You ain’t perfect, quit tripping on it; quit trying to be. Get your relationship with God and go on about your business. You know? You think you’re going to be perfect? I got news for you: you ain’t. Try as hard as you want, but you ain’t. People are like ‘you say you’re a Christian, but I heard you cussing.’ But you know what? You know how money they pay me to cuss? Cussing it is!”

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