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EXCLUSIVE: The Star of 'Leslie Tell It' Riffs On Mimi's Sex Tape, Kanye's Obsession With Kim's Booty & Black Women Taking Over Comedy

Leslie Robinson is one funny lady! As the brains behind Let Leslie Tell It, she recently kicked off its second season of the weekly vlog on Issa Rae’s You Tube network. The show, written and performed by Leslie, has been a hit since its beginning days last year in March of 2013. Each week she weighs in on the hottest topics, so with the rachet week we’ve had, we begged her to share her two cents on everything from the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” to Mimi Faust’s sex tape and Nicki Minaj’s debut acting role in “The Other Woman.”

Ready, set, laugh!

1. Tell me a bit about your process. How do you decide which pop culture happenings to cover?
“I typically tape the show on Tuesdays to air on Friday, so I normally read up on every blog, watch TMZ, etc all week leading up to that. I also pay attention to Twitter and Facebook to see what has happened during the week, that usually is what determines what I discuss.”

2. Do you constantly consume media and pop culture, or do you have to stay away from the
ratchetry at times?
“Honestly, I don’t consume everything but I have had to embrace the ratchet since the inception of the show. It has been a change in my life to say the least. There are still some things I don’t embrace like I haven’t ever watched a full season of Basketball Wives because that’s just not something I can get behind – women fighting women isn’t entertaining. It also isn’t constant, I watch things that I need to keep up i.e. Love & Hip Hop, Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

3. How do you detox or purge the reality show ridiculousness?
“I stay away from TV with the exception the shows I previously mentioned and of course Scandal, Game of Thrones, The Mindy Project, & House of Cards. It helps me not be too attached and invested in the craziness of reality fiction.”

4. How did you know that you had this gift of broadcast, writing and comedy? What is your
“It’s so funny that I fell into this avenue, not because it’s unlikely but because for my entire life everyone has told me I needed my own show. I grew up in a family of jokesters, we played the “dozens” all the time. No one was safe, not even my momma so that definitely added to my ability to think on my feet. I have always wanted to be writer, that’s what I wanted to be when I grew up. An author or an attorney. The latter didn’t occur so the writer thing is holding me down. I grew up in Los Angeles in a suburb where I was one of the few Black kids. That helped shape me, because I used my humor as a way to get me through many uncomfortable situations. I probably realized early on that comedy came pretty easy for me and I loved to make people laugh, I’m blessed to be able to be doing this for work. It’s amazing.”

5. Speaking of reality show foolishness, what do you think about Mimi Faust’s sex tape with
“OMG!!! I hate “leaked” sex tapes, it is so Kim K six years ago. Seriously if you ever get to the place that you have release video of your cooter then you have got to call it quits and just go get a regular job. Mimi is a mother and an entrepreneur I can’t comprehend what made her feel like selling her intimate moments with Nikko was the next step in her career. And then to feign shock and disgust that it became public? Stop the fakery Stevie’s Ex, we all know you sold it.”

6. Continuing on this tangent, Porsha from RHOA was just arrested for assaulting Kenya Moore.
Has reality tv hit an all time low?
“I think we’ve gotten to a place in television where people are willing to go to extremes for views and ratings. There is no limit these days, nothing most people won’t do because everyone is vying for their fifteen minutes of fame. I hope we eventually get back to the days of great written work. I want to move into show running and creating work for people of color and women that gives us an opportunity to shine without selling ourselves short.”

7. Nicki Minaj is in the new film “The Other Woman.” If you found out that your significant other
was creeping with someone else, what would you do to get revenge?

“HA! Let’s just say I’ve been there, and my only revenge was moving on, looking good, and being successful”

8. Future’s new song and video “I Won” featuring Kanye West just dropped. Kanye can be heard talking about Kim’s butt (again!). This is the umpteenth time he has rapped about her body, their sex life, etc. Is this adoration or downright nasty?
“Ohhh ‘Ye….I think Kayne has been obsessed with Kim for some time. Long before they were the West-Kardashian clan, before little baby Nori, he’s like a dude that went from geek to chic and finally got a girl who is out of his league so he has to remind us every five minutes. If he’s going to marry her then I think he can rest assured that we know Kim belongs to him…for now.”

9. Thoughts about the finale of ‘Scandal’? Has the show fallen off or is it better than ever?
“All praise to Shonda!! No seriously I love every show Shonda has done from Grey’s Anatomy to Private Practice to Off The Map. For me she is great at grasping an audience. The difference with all those shows and Scandal is that for the first time in ages we have a black woman on television in a prominent position and yet she’s still losing in some way. We just get tired of seeing black people lose. I enjoy watching the show because I love the storyline but I can understand why people are growing tired of the back and forth with Liv and Fitz or the constantly seeing Mellie go through. I’ll watch until the end though.”

10. Lastly, what’s next for you, Leslie? What is on the horizon for the rest of 2014? Goals for
tv or film?
“Right now, there is something is being cooked up for more on Issa Rae’s channel look for that in May. Let Leslie Tell It will be celebrating a year soon which is awesome. I am writing for Mommy Noire and Hello Beautiful so suffice it to say I am all over the internet. I am writing a novel right now so I look forward to shopping it around. As far as moving into TV and film, I am always open to the doors that swing wide and seeing where they lead. My prayer is and always has been; Lord, order my steps – I believe that as long as I trust God to guide me I will end up right where I need to be.”


Watch “Let Leslie Tell It” on Issa Rae Production’s YouTube Channel!

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