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EXCLUSIVE: Toya Bush-Harris Opens Up About Fierce Fight With Dr. Simone & Loving Her Body

As one of the stars of Married To Medicine, Toya Bush-Harris is back in the spotlight and she’s not afraid to tell it like it is.

In an exclusive interview with CocoaFab, she offers insight into Season 3, explains her fight with Dr. Simone Whitmore and bites back at Dr. Jackie Walters’ claims that she needs to lose weight.
“This season the drama is everywhere,” she says. “We are all connected, truly. If something happens to one, it’s going to affect all of us…You’re inna see a lot of friendships being built and torn down and built back up.”

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She also weighed in on her ongoing feud with Simone, who snapped at Toya’s Halloween bash.

“There was drama from the time people arrived. Simone was in the car talking about me. She had a stank ass attitude before she got out of the car.”

Simone’s fury stems from a comment Toya made at last season’s reunion and Toya doesn’t regret it.

“I said she was acting like a bad mother. Isn’t there a difference? It means she is displaying some type of characteristics,” she explains.

“I’m not in her household so I can’t tell you she’s a terrible mother- you can see that from the way her children treat her. As far as her acting like a terrible mother at that time, yes. I felt like at that time she was out of control.”

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Toya also wasn’t buying Simone’s suggestions that she felt physically threatened at the Halloween party.

“I think that was her going back to the reunion because she felt threatened then. She was trying to bring that to light. They think if they say something so many times then people will believe it,” she says.

“Who was showing the most aggressive behavior? I was in a happy place. I thought she was being disrespectful but I wasn’t bothered by it.”

Even though there was nor evolution on Episode 2, Toya insists their relationship has improved.

“You’ll see our relationship evolve throughout the season. It gets tiring and annoying to see two women bickering back and forth all the time. She and I both can agree to disagree and we both tried really hard to show Lisa and Quad that you can forgive and move forward,” she says.

“I may not like you and I still may think of you in an ugly way at times but I’m still going to forgive you.”

And doe she forgive Dr. Jackie for saying she needs to lose 5 pounds in each cheek?

That’s coming from someone who is happy about being a size 00. When you like being a 00, it’s hard to see someone else who is a 6,” she says.

“I once gained 50 pounds. I weighed 195 pounds when I was 25. I enjoy working out and I lost that weight and I’m happy with that. My husband likes a big booty. Who am I to change what my husband likes? I’m a happy 6 all day.”

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