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EXCLUSIVE: Yandy Smith & Rich Dollaz Talk Record Label Launch & ‘LHH’

Yandy & Rich Dollaz

Last night’s shocking premiere of Love & Hip Hop was full of surprises.

Fans saw some familiar faces as well as some newbies take front and center on the show that started it all.

In an exclusive interview with CocoaFab, Rich Dollaz and Yandy Smith dish details on their new season, new label and how they really feel about K. Michelle. 

When we last saw Yandy, she was dealing with the heartbreak of losing her fiancé to the system.  Mendecees Harris had been in jail for five months when the show started filming and she was still searching for answers.

Luckily, things are looking up for her and her man.

“There has been a lot of progress. At that time I wasn’t getting any information. I was just reading blogs and hearing about the charges.  I just kept seeing 20 years minimum and I really didn’t have any information,” she says. “That’s completely not the case and things are going well.  Hopefully really soon I can give you guys a great update.”

Rich has also had some changes in his love life and reveals that he wasn’t shocked when he heard his ex, Erica Mena, is dating a woman.

“I wasn’t surprised. Erica has dated women in the past,” he says. “She actually dated Draya from Basketball Wives for a while. She has dibbled and dabbled on the other side of the fence so I’m not surprised at all.”

As far as how serious her lesbian love affair is; Rich says we will have to wait and see.

“People do things and sometimes it’s to get attention. We’ll see how it all plays out on the show but I think Erica is really Team Dollaz and I don’t know that that ever changes,” he said.

It doesn’t seem he has learned his lesson about mixing business with pleasure.

“Yandy keeps me focused but I’m a glutton for punishment,” he admits. “I’ll just leave it at that.”

Yandy and Rich are more than just cat mates, they’re business partners too.

“We just started our label.  It’s called Lennox Ave Records. We’re both from Harlem and we’re both off of Lennox Avenue so it made sense for us,” says Rich. “The distribution is coming soon and we’re about to embark on a national search for new talent. Pop, rap, R&B…we’re looking for it all and we’re really excited about it.”

Now that the pair have launched a record label they’re banking on their expertise and history together to make their mark on the music world.

“Based on our history it just made sense,” says Rich of the partnership. “I’ve known Yandy for ten years now and we have talked about doing things together and this was the venture that made sense for us.”

Yandy agrees it’s a match made in heaven.

“Jim did a remix on Olivia’s record in the past and Rich and I worked at Atlantic Records at the same time,” says Yandy, who also admitted she has no relationship with former client and co-star, Jim Jones. “We were actually on the same floor so it was meant for us to work together.”

The pair is super focused on finding new talent.

“We have scoured New York but we also know there is a lot of talent outside of New York. We’re taking this show on the road and going to local clubs, schools and have open talent forums where people can come in and perform,” she says.

“We’re gonna find the best talent out there. We don’t want just anybody we want the best so we’re gonna really take our time at finding someone great.”

One great performer who won’t be signed to their label is K. Michelle. 

Rich admits he and K had problems in the past but have since squashed their beef.

“I’ve known K for a while. Yandy put us back on the right track. We had fell out for a little while but we’re cool now,” says Rich. “I’ve known her since she was signed to Jive.  We were friends previously and now we’re friends again so all is good.”

Yandy says she’s excited to see the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta alum in The Big Apple.

“I’m excited.  I love girls that keep it real.  She says what she feels and she does what she feels,” she says. “I couldn’t wait for her to come out here and stir some shit up.”

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