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#Startup Diary 6: Lights, Camera, Talk Show!

One of the things I’ve learned on this #startup journey is that you’ve always got to find time and room to do more to get the word out about your venture but you can’t compromise who you are for just anyone. Earlier this year I was approached to participate in a new talk show and while I don’t watch much talk TV I was immediately intrigued by the network’s premise: 5 dynamic Black women from different walks of life coming together to talk about the issues that matter most to African-American women. No trash talk? No throwing glasses? No flipping tables? No weave pulling? Count me in! And that’s why I signed up to be one of the new co-hosts for EXHALE, an exciting new talk show debuting 6/27 on Magic Johnson’s ASPiRE network. I’m down for any platform that gives a voice to the issues and concerns of Black women.

For two weeks my co-hosts Malinda Williams, Issa Rae, Erin Jackson and Rene Syler and I had the best time getting to know one another, cracking jokes, giving each other nicknames (mine was Sleeper Cell… more on that later) and talking about family, friendship, marriage, health and wellness, careers, money and of course MEN! Our conversations were frank and funny and at times poignant and raw. We often felt like we were kicking back in our living rooms having girls night in with our besties instead of sitting on a studio set in Los Angeles. Remember that scene in Waiting to Exhale (no pun intended) where the ladies went to Gloria’s house to celebrate her birthday? It felt just like that but without the drunk dialing of exes. Maybe we’ll save that for season 2…

Check out the promo for EXHALE! I’m sooooo excited to share this sneak peek of the show with you. The series premiere is 6/27 on Magic Johnson’s network ASPiRE. I think you’re going to love joining our conversation because we’re going to tackle the stories and topics that matter most to Black women! Nothing’s off limits and trust and believe we hold nothing back… EVER!

Let us know what you think @ExhaleTV and make sure you take some time to EXHALE!

Random note: When I stepped down as the editor-in-chief of Essence magazine two years ago I said I was going to move to Atlanta and focus on TV and online ventures. Well… it took a little longer than I thought to get everything going but it’s finally happening! Guess this proves yet again that God may not come exactly when you call Him but He’s always right on time.

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