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‘Fashion Queens’: New Show Brings Fun, Fierce Fashion Talk & ‘Real Housewives’ Run Down

Bravo’s latest Real Housewives of Atlanta spin-off, Fashion Queens premiered Sunday night.

The weekly fashion review show is hosted by Bevy Smith, former Fashion Editor at large for VIBE and lifestyle resource for The New York Times, Glamour, “and other publications that I’m sure would impress you.”

She is joined by Derek J, famed stylist to the stars and Miss Lawrence Washington, hair stylist extraordinaire; both of RHOA fame.

“You boys are giving me Easter egg fabulous!” Bevy quips at her co-hosts. Derek J is in a seafoam-colored pantsuit and Miss Lawrence is rocking a pink fur and thigh-high red Minolos boots. He calls his look “vintage,” but Bevy says, “if it’s not over ten years old, it’s not vintage, just old.” Yikes!

‘Giving Me Wife’

Cynthia Bailey took home top honors in the section strictly reserved for Housewives’ fashion reviews. They loved the menswear inspired pantsuit she wore to Peter’s event.

Miss Lawrence picked Kenya Moore’s white gown as his favorite, and Derek J chose Porsha Stewart’s dark brown dress. I think Derek is spot-on, Porsha looked great. According to him, she always does.

Miss Lawrence sympathizes with Sarah Jessica Parker’s decision to quit high heels. His knee hurts from years of wearing stilletos, but Derek J thinks the idea is blasphemous. “Flats are for home,” he says.

They also disagree on Andre Leon Talley, who is leaving Vogue after thirty years at the helm. Miss Lawrence calls him “the iconic, legendary, old Queens who still reigns supreme,” while Derek says he’s slumming. “I saw him with a jogging suit and crumbs on it with orthopedic shoes with velcro straps,” he said. Ouch.

They also pulled no punches when it came to the bad reviews. Miss Lawrence had a bone to pick with some of Phaedra Parks’ style choices.

“Bevy, you would look great in Herve Ledger, you are a perfect figure eight,” he says. “However, someone like Phaedra from Real Housewives of Atlanta? No ma’am, I cannot stand to see her in her Herve Ledger dresses!”

What did you think of Fashion Queens?

5 Responses to “‘Fashion Queens’: New Show Brings Fun, Fierce Fashion Talk & ‘Real Housewives’ Run Down”

  1. bevysmith

    KelleyLCarter Derekjhair Bravotv thanks for the fun recap lamb

  2. sully80587

    Listening to these tow drama “queens”talking about Phaedra is like listening to to 2 dogs about how bad the cat looks. Have these 2 ever looked in the mirror? I mean, look in the mirror with their clothes on? If they did so OFF they just might have a breakdown. They must unlikely look in the dark but they only need to catch a repeat of this sow for them to realize there not only anything special about these two tool, the both need to get to be dropped off on an island and left for dead. Talk like a woman, gossip like a woman and do so with not on moment where they look in a mirror and say” oh, yeah, now I can see what I’m going to die along”. Not only is not one straight person ever going to look a them, and not laugh behind their back, BUT no one is more than a cross dressing fag would give these 2 thee time of day. The over and under this show lasts will be 6 episodes. And as for the commentator, if she’s the best thing you’ve got to offer the only thing I can say is she must have been at the bottom of the same barrel that Jerry Springer had gotten scraped from the bottom off… Pitiful. 

    Do us all a far, play a 30 minute Cialis commercial, show someone getting a root canal without anesthesia….these two glam queens who try WAAAAAYYYYYY too hard to show how GAY they are is over the top, it’s simply disgusting, dental procedures are less phony than these two drops. And I know now now everywhere they walk into a room….there’s someone who says under their breath sarcastically.. . “Oh yea, I got fuck that!!!”  And this show being filmed and shown in the bible belt where music videos are constantly being edited down to a small bit of finally show that there’s a double standard, These “no talent Drag Queens” hacks are just another example of Bravo doing what they can to accommodate tot he trailer trash that i they one and only target audience,

  3. mzdelicious5250

    I think someone should read lawrence for that bright red lipstick on them lips & dark skin
    Just not a good look got the nerve to wanna read someone read yourself & stop hatin on pheadra. U act like u jealous of her.


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