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‘Fashion Queens’ Recap: Miss Lawrence Gets Nasty, More Shade for Phaedra Parks


Written by cortney2013

Posted 03/25/13

Fashion Queens returned for a second time Sunday night and this time the fierce fashion talk turned vicious.

Hosts Bevy Smith, Miss Lawrence and Derek J gathered to gab about the week in fashion.

While reviewing the RHOA’s recent style choices, Lawrence can’t hide his disdain for Phaedra Parks.

“She went to school and passed some tests and she got her degree,” he says of the attorney. He also says she did not represent Bobby Brown as previously claimed, but only worked on the case.

Next up was a review of the newest housewives in town, the cast of Married To Medicine. After one episode, Quad is the decided favorite of the bunch even though we don’t know much about her and have only seen her in one outfit.

Miss Lawrence “reads” Keyshia Cole for her bad behavior towards Beyonce. He shames her for her recent Twitter attacks against Mrs. Carter and Derek isn’t feeling the new TV show, “Splash.”

Back to the housewives. The stylists provide a preview for the RHOA reunion outfits and most of the ladies look lovely. Derek J admits Porsha Stewart might have missed the mark, but Miss Lawrence goes in on a very pregnant Phaedra. After comparing her to Nell Carter, he says, “She looks like a fat Penny from ‘Good Times’ “ and noted, “She was fat before she was pregnant!”

Guess we know which side of the booty battle he comes in on. He’s a little harsh on the attorney, making me feel like he’s more of a mean girl than a style guru. Meow!

5 Responses to “‘Fashion Queens’ Recap: Miss Lawrence Gets Nasty, More Shade for Phaedra Parks”

  1. thatruthis

    I totally agree, for the second week in a row Miss Lawrence just gets “nasty” about Phaedra and is all up Kenya’s you know what…only because he styles Kenya. He keeps picking her every week as being fashionably correct. It is really tacky as a host when all you do is talk ugly about one person and he just tries to stay relevant by riding the coat tails of any housewife that will play host to him/her…whatever he is! Hopefully Bravo picks up on his constant shade for Phaedra and addresses it

  2. Star41

    No, everything that Lawrence has stated about Phaedra is true. Even if Kenya never existed. Phaedra is phony, nasty, a liar and a scam artist, she have her right mate match Apollo because they both are nasty and no good, have did fraud, and like Nene said Phaedra has a past.


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