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Feuding Friends? Cynthia Bailey And Nene Leakes Have Issues On ‘RHOA’

cynthia and nene leakes

Cynthia Bailey and NeNe Leakes are usually attached at the hip, but the model says she and her bestie face some struggles on this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. 

“We do go through some things this season,” Cynthia told RadarOnline. “We don’t agree on a couple different things and some other things happen that kind of cause some tension in our relationship.”

While Nene has always had a little tension with Kandi Burruss, Cynthia admits she really connected with the singer this season.

“We both have young daughters. We were both kind of single parents with our young daughters for a while. Her mom is super protective. My mom is super protective,” she said. “Kandi and I definitely have a lot in common, so I definitely see our relationship evolving.”

Surprisingly, Cynthia reveals she has forged a friendship with the show’s villain, Kenya Moore. 

“Kenya and Kandi would be the ones that I’ve become the closest to this season and of course, my girl NeNe,” she said.

Despite a rocky road, she insists she and Nene are still super close.

“I’m still very close to NeNe. She’s someone that I have a great relationship with on the show and also off the show, and she’s definitely still my bestie,” she said. “Real friends work through stuff even if it’s uncomfortable.”

One person she’s having trouble connecting with is Porsha Stewart. 

“Porsha, even though she is in her 30s, she just acts a little younger,” she explained. “I like to have fun, but I’m busy…She’s finding herself. I’m trying to keep myself together. So, we’re just not on the same page right now in terms of that.”

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