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Fight Night On ‘Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’: Scrappy Wants His Ring Back


It’s fight night on Monday’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta in more ways than one.

We finally get to see Rasheeda and she’s back with a vengeance. When she visits Karlie Red in the studio, she’s in good spirits until the conversation turns to K. Michelle.  Karlie wants to make a diss track in response to her numerous attacks, but Rasheeda isn’t into it. She doesn’t want to waste her talent on any “zoo animals.”  Karlie is pretty convincing and seems intent on getting her revenge on wax.

Mimi Faust’s housewarming party heats up in a hurry when K. Michelle refuses to say hello to Rasheeda. The singer starts slinging insults immediately and Rasheeda tries to keep a cool head. Instead of bickering, she heads for the door, but turns around when K. Michele makes a comment about her husband and his “three earrings.”

When Rasheeda steps up, K. Michele hurls a lit candle at her and kicks her.  The fight is on and the two start to rumble for a second before security steps into break them up.

Scrappy tells Erica Dixon about Shay’s sneak attack at the studio.  She’s furious at Momma Dee for consorting with the enemy and demands to be respected.  Scrappy agrees they need to have a talk and his mother’s disrespect won’t be tolerated.

Scrappy lays down the law with his mother and tells her she better not be hanging out with Shay. Her court talk has him cracking up, and he admits, “She’s taking this ‘Prince of The South’ thing too far!” He suggests a sit down dinner at his house in hopes his mom’s fried chicken will smooth things over.  The Queen is happy to oblige the prince’s request, after a battle for the catchiest closer. “And so it is so, so shall it be written,” she says.  “He has already done spoken,” adds Scrappy. “Let the church say amen.” She wins.

Mimi meets Stevie J for a cryptic talk about his visitation privileges.  She doesn’t want him to know where she lives or who she’s dating, but he’s persistent that he’ll find out with or without her help.  I still think there’s something scary about this guy and for some reason everything he says sounds like a threat.  Mimi is holding her ground and telling him to mind his business. “I live in Atlanta,” she says.

Kirk Frost walks in on his wife while she’s cleaning candle wax off of her jewelry from the fight with K. Michelle. When he hears about the fight, he is not pleased at all.  He can deal with the gay comments, but no one gets physical with his woman. “That’s crossing some serious lines,” he says.  He plans to have a sit down about the welfare of his wife.

Joseline Hernandez hits the stage for a club performance and is happy to pay her booking agent her cut.  When Stevie shows up, she tells him she doesn’t owe him a penny for the show.  “Act like a manager and maybe you’ll get paid,” she says. “And give me my contract!” He just came to collect his money, but she puts his finger in his face and tells him to shove it.  This girl isn’t playing about her paper!

I want to know what diet all these girls are on.  All of them are shockingly seriously slimmer physiques this season.  Joseline and Karlie meet up to talk about Stevie and Benzino.  Karlie says Benzino told her he smashed Joseline.  The Latina beauty denies the claims. “I need a neck! How can I be with somebody with no neck?” Good point.

When K. Michelle apologizes to Mimi for ruining her housewarming party, she still blames Rasheeda for egging her on.  Mimi  doesn’t let her off the hook too easily, and tells her she better not ever disrespect her home again.

When Momma Dee breaks bread with Erica at Scrappy’s house, both moms are there to be put in check. Scrappy starts bickering with Erica’s mom about his past transgressions. Erica jumps in and accuses Scrappy’s mom of overstepping much more than hers, and a battle ensues between all four of them. Scrappy and Erica are going at it about whose mom is worse to whom.

Things turn ugly when Erica jumps in Scrappy’s face for defending his mom when they start screaming at each other. He shoves her away and all hell breaks loose when she pushes him back hard.  Scrappy forces his mom out the door and tells Erica to take her ring off. He’s cool off the “extraness.”

Tons of security flood the scene and Scrappy is turned up. He says he won’t leave the house until he gets his engagement ring back and Momma Dee keeps trying to escape the clutches of her handlers.  Instead of returning the ring, Erica drives off into the night.

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