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FIRST LOOK (VIDEO): Kerry Washington in Tyler Perry’s ‘Peeples’ Trailer!

The second week of May can’t come quickly enough!

Kerry Washington and Craig Robinson star in ‘Peeples,’ a new film presented by Tyler Perry. Don’t expect to see Madea in this one, though. The film was written and directed by Tina Gordon Chism (but produced by Perry) and also co-stars Tyler James Williams, Kali Hawk and David Alan Grier. The film opens May 10 and looks like a hilarious smash.

And it sounds like we all can relate to what’s happening in this film. Kerry tells our friends at Entertainment Weekly that it centers around a couple — and her boyfriend (played by Robinson) hasn’t met her parents after a year and a half of dating.

“Grace hasn’t told her family a lot about [Wade] at all,” Kerry told EW. “She loves Wade very, very much and fears that he won’t accept them and they won’t accept him, and it makes her want to avoid the immersion. If she can just hold it off longer, maybe she’ll figure out how to do it perfectly. Or maybe Wade will suddenly become more successful.”

Wade decides to crash anyway. Uh-oh.

What do you think?

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