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Five Things To Know About Idris Elba (And Yes, One Is Really Ratchet!)

Ooo wee! Whether this is Idris in the antebellum South or out in the woods behind our fantasy summer house, we'd love to see this man chopping wood!

Thank you, USA Today!

In this interview with the newspaper, they tick off a few key things to know about British hottie Idris Elba. Here are some must-know things about the Academy Award frontrunner (for his impressive role as Nelson Mandela).

1. Once he signed on to play Mandela, he asked to play him flawed.

“He has and had flaws. It was our responsibility in this film to show him as a human being. He made some choices in his younger life that were questionable and very opposite to who he became as an older man,” says Idris.

2. Idris is a skilled tap dancer. But he won’t ever appear on Dancing With The Stars.

“It’s a guilty pleasure to watch it,” he says.

3. Idris loves trashy reality TV.

“I’ve watched Jersey Shore and (MTV UK’s) Geordie Shore and compared the two. Geordie Shore is about kids from Newcastle. It’s very similar to Jersey Shore but raunchier,” he says.

4. Idris doesn’t plan on taking any breaks.

“I can’t sit in any ruts, man. I’m going to pick myself up and go for it,” he says.

5. Women don’t try to pick him up. At all. (Say what?!)

“I don’t get hit on. I get a lot of female fans coming up and wanting to take pictures. But the actual ‘Let me take you for a drink,’ I don’t get that,” he says. “They love (Michael) Fassbender, don’t they? He’s a good-looking man and a cheeky, cheeky Irish fella.”

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