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Food Network Fires Paula Deen Just as She Issues Second Horrible Apology Video!

This woman is a piece of work!

Now, in a second apology video, Paula Deen is blaming the press!

“I was physically not able this morning,” she says of her no show on the TODAY show. “The pain has been tremendous that I have caused myself and to others so I’m taking this opportunity now that I have pulled myself together and am able to speak to offer an apology to those that I have hurt.” she says is the noticeably longer, shakier-voiced clip.

“My family and I…we are not the type of people that the press is wanting to say we are.”

The video comes after she took down the original only minutes after posting it.

Guess she wanted to seem more believable in this longer, more emotional looking version. Glad to hear that HER pain has subsided long enough for her to give us this half-witted, half-hearted apology.

And this latest news comes as the Food Network,who airs three of her shows just announced that they will not renew her contract at the end of the month.

POLL: Are you buying EITHER of Paula’s apologies?

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