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Fun Family Projects Your Kids will Love

When school’s out, children have a tendency to get bored. And when they’re bored, they get bothered. And when they feel bothered they start to bug you. So instead of eyeballing them and building up angst over the winter break, use this time to do some fun family projects that becomes a catalyst to bringing your family closer together. Grab these supplies at Home Depot to help do the job.

Build a Mini Sled

Why walk in a winter wonderland when you can slip and slide through it on a mini sled you build with your kids.

SleighWhat you’ll need:

To build a medium sized wood sleigh, you can construct it with Baltic Birch Plywood which is great for painting. Painting together with your kids becomes a creative wood craft project for the whole family. Add Original Max Glitter (OMG) paint to jazz up the sled.glitter

You can also Paint on some holiday decorations, or add stickers. Be sure to give the sleigh a light sanding for best results.

The Arthur Dollhouse Kit

This is definitely a family project since this Arthur dollhouse kit requires adult supervision. You can bond over constructing this charming Victorian retreat with Gingerbread trim on the ridge.

Arthur Dollhouse KitWhat you’ll need:

Using this Emily’s Dollhouse paint will work just fine for the Arthur dollhouse. Be sure to grab some Gorilla glue which I love for its high strength and quick set time. I’m sure constructing this dollhouse will help to conjure up great conversations with your kids.

Arthur Dollhouse Kit2Simple Candle Lanterns

You’ll be surprised to see what a jar and a big of sand can produce. Your kids will indulge in digging in sand for this simple candle lantern project.

cande lanternsWhat you’ll need:

Grab this 50-pound bag of play sand and fill the bottom of a glass jar to secure the candle. Add the candle and voila! You’ve made a beautiful craft! And keep the extra sand to add to your child’s sandbox!

Indoor Herb Gardens

Kids can turn their little nubs into green thumbs by learning how to garden in plant pots.

PotWhat you’ll need:

Have your family members fill these 4-inch clay Terra Cotta Pots with dirt or use Amber’s Garden Easy Herb Seeds. This is a great introduction to gardening for the whole family.

Herb gardenOther projects you can tackle with your family are:

  • Painting rooms
  • Add shelving and painting and decorating them

Or even take the fun outside and create decorative and festive house numbers with red yarn, nails and a board. Hammer the nails into the shape of your house numbers and wrap the yarn around them. To get this look you’ll need yarn, nails and board and a hammer to complete the job.

festive house numbers

Pick a project and while the kids are on break, enjoy some together time creating memories.

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