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Gadget Gal! Jada Pinkett Smith Bank Rolls a Safety App

She’s an actor, musician, wife, mother and philanthropist but now Jada Pinkett Smith can add gadget guru to that list of titles. The bSafe ‘panic alarm’ app was launched into the U.S. mid last year after having been successful in Europe. Now it’s slated for an even bigger push thanks to an investment by Hollywood heavyweight, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Like most moms and technology, Jada actually discovered the app after her daughter Willow began using it fall of 2012 and realized it might dovetail with her work as an advocate for the rights of human trafficking victims, given that bSafe is all about personal safety.

“”bSafe is a safety service that can easily be used by anyone… I chose it because I saw the potential to solve real problems for kids, parents, and anyone looking to increase their overall safety,” Jada said in a statement. “I look forward to working closely with them to increase the reach and impact of an already fantastic security tool.”

Here’s how it works. Are you ever worried when walking alone at night? Or do you feel vulnerable when jogging on empty paths? Perhaps you have a health issue and need to be able to reach people immediately in case of emergency? bSafe app has the Ultimate SOS Button which is a big red button to activate the alarm and reach out to your selected safety network of Guardians. Select as many Guardians as you want, and add  911 or your national safety service as your Call-Guardian. The SOS alarm alerts all Guardians at once by call (one person) and text that you need help. It even includes a a link to your live GPS location and a video recorded from your phone.

Plus, your live GPS trace, time, date & duration of alarm, and your recorded video are all immediately uploaded and stored in the bSafe servers when you trigger the alarm. If your phone is lost or thrown away, this information will still be available for the police and your Guardians. It’s evidence!

It’s even great for those not so dangerous situations. Get out of a bad date, bad meeting or uncomfortable situation with a Fake Call. bSafe makes it easy for you to make the phone ring when you need it the most. You can even define who the call is going to be from. Dad calling when you’re on a date asking you to come home is the perfect excuse to get away.

We can totally see this being a must-have app for everyone in your family and hopefully it will prevent crimes nationwide. Go Jada!

Download the bSafe app here!

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