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Gift Guide: Stylish Presents Everyone will Love

If you’re trying to shop for that eclectic someone in your life, you’ll want to stalk out some stylish gift options at Home Depot. Imagine a family member’s living room all dolled up with expressive pieces you picked out. You know you’ve been itching to snatch those plaid curtains off the pole at your mother-in-law’s humble abode. Help her out with these peace offering decorative pieces. Here are my top picks.

Home Depot has some really dramatic home decor items that are unique and set the tone for style and flair in anyone’s home. Get rid of what’s regular and opt for a gift that gives the gift of style like a Home Decorators Collection Hall Tree with Bench Seat. I love this Hall Tree because it can definitely be the cornerstone of an unexciting entryway. It’s a decorative piece that catches your eye and flavors your hall with a hint of elegance. This Hall Tree is rooted in style.

BenchThis Classic Bonded Leather Accent Chair in Cappuccino caught my eye at Home Depot. It’s a gift that I just may give to myself! Accent chairs are the way to go when you are looking to freshen up the look of your home. Your sofa might be the centerpiece of your living room, but this leather accent chair will have the run of the house! And at $89 it’s an inexpensive gift to give a stylish person, like my mom, for Christmas. She’ll think I paid a boatload of bucks because of how lavish it looks.


There are tips to enriching your décor like adding decorative elements like the Hall Tree and leather chair. But then there are ways to make a statement like incorporating an H Corinna Pedestal into the mix. This pedestal makes for a stylish and unexpected gift that will warm up your style scheme especially if you sit a sweet-smelling candle atop.

PedestalAnd to help the husbands out, here’s a gift that every girl will love. This Artisan Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire with Mirror is a stylish showpiece that’s visually stunning. It will hold all of your jewelry while doubling as a wall mirror. I’ll be rummaging through my junk drawer to find the match to all of my earrings so I can sit them pretty up in this armoire. This is the kind of gift where you’ll want to buy an extra one for the little ladies in your life. I can see this armoire anchored on my daughter’s wall as well.


You can spell style with this Imagine Letters Photo Collage Frame. ‘Imagine Letters’ use architectural elements found in Paris, London, New York, the Caribbean Islands and more to create beautiful alphabet letters for inspirational words. It’s a great expressive gift.

And speaking of collages, canvas artwork framed like this Japanese 5-Panel Wall Art Set by Philippe Sainte-Laudy, is the gift that breathes exuberance into any room.


And what’s so unique about this gift is that it comes with a backstory. Giclee (jee-clay) is an advanced printmaking process for creating high quality fine art reproductions. Impress your friends with this Giclee printmaking piece. And find more artwork at

I’ve come to realize that I rely on my smartphone to tell the time and so do many others. So another great gift is this Round Gear Works Wall Clock. This is an attractive timekeeper. It’s a throwback to the time of when waistcoats and pocket-watches were at the height of fashion. It has an open design and moving gears integrate with any home decor with ease. This clock will surely be a conversation piece on your wall.


Know that Home Depot really makes it easy to choose a gift with a unique style palette that will be appreciated. Be different this holiday season. Make a statement with these stylish gift giving pieces.

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