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‘House of Curves’ Recap: Kenyatta Comes Clean, Kendra Gets Mean

sherlinda house of curves

This week’s episode of House of Curves brings more big laughs and big surprises.

Kenyatta Jones is ready to take Bella Rene to the next level, so she starts the day with an announcement.  She’s ready to set a date for the fall fashion show and she names Sherlinda her “go to girl.”

Now, Sherlinda gets to organize the fashion show and make sure there are no weave particles on the samples.  Kendra is feeling resentful and insecure about her job since Kenyatta seems to be dishing out her responsibilities like mashed potatoes.

Rene is pissed at Kenyatta as usual.  She’s upset she is spending so much money on the fashion show and didn’t notify her she was redesigning the website. All expenditures go through her, period.

In order to save her skin, Kendra cooks up an idea for a trunk show that impresses Kenyatta.  The only problem is, she’ll have to swallow her pride and ask Kelly for her PR help to get people to her event.

She eats her words long enough to get her help on the project, but doesn’t invite her to the event.  When Kenyatta sees the turnout, she is pleasantly surprised, but she’s shocked to hear that her PR girl isn’t in the room.

Kendra could care less about her boss’ wishes and is happy to take all the credit for the trunk show’s success.

Meanwhile, Sherlinds is busy scoring brownie points of her own. When their regular manufacturer falls behind in creating the samples for the fashion show, she saves the day by finding a local seamstress to make the new clothes.

Kenyatta finally comes clean with her mother about her relationship with her man.  When she tells her mom they are living together, she is shockingly understanding.  After grilling him about his intentions, she accepts the fact that her daughter will make her own decisions—at least when it comes to her love life.

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