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So you are engaged with a ring!…it is finally official.

After all of the excitement has died down you keep getting asked the same questions,

WHEN are you getting married?”
WHERE are you getting married?”

Honestly, beyond a dress and wedding colors you are clueless. You now realize that planning a wedding is so much more complex than you could have ever imagined! You need more than Mama’s opinion to get you through this.

Deciding to hire a wedding planner is a big step-what does that mean, what should you expect and how much is a wedding planner going to cost?

Let’s examine the types of Wedding Planners that are available and their services. Who you choose will depend on your budget, needs and the type of wedding that you are dreaming of:

* The Full Time Wedding Planner: They will help plan your entire engagement, ceremony, honeymoon and thank you notes. This type ofwedding planner is bound to become your BFF, so make sure that you can spend lots of time with them and can easily vibe with them! They will require the most in fees, generally 10% to 20% of your entire weddingbudget. This may seem like the most expensive, but having somebody who knows the intricacies of your wedding more than you do is a load off and allows you to focus on the wonderful aspects of getting married!

Learn about the 10 types of wedding planners at!

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