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ICYMI: SNL Takes On the Solange Vs. Jay-Z Elevator Fight

While Jay, Beyonce and Solange moved on after last week’s elevator fight, the folks over at Saturday Night Live just couldn’t let the moment pass.

During the season finale of Saturday Night Live, the show spoofed Jay Z and Solange‘s now infamous elevator fight, with SNL alum Maya Rudolph returning to reprise her role of Beyoncé.

And according to the skit, the duo was not fighting at all. Instead, Solange was trying to get a huge spider off of Jay Z instead, proven by Jay and Solange’s “exclusive” version of the leaked video, which included audio.

“Oh my god there’s a spider on you,” Solange said in the clip. “What, get it, you know I hate spiders,” Jay said. “It keeps moving,” Solange said in between swings. “Kick it,” Jay said, as Solange tried to kick him.

Watch the hilarious skit.

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