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UPDATED! Porsha Stewart’s Lawyer on $16 Million Dollar Divorce Battle: Why Kordell’s Trophy Wife Could Come Out On Top!


Despite being shocked and caught off guard upon hearing that her husband of two years had filed for divorce, Porsha Stewart has to put on her big girl panties and get ready to fight. And it looks like she’s doing just that.

CocoaFab spoke exclusively with Georgia’s leading family attorney Randall Kessler, who also represented NeNe Leakes in her divorce. And is now officially Porsha Stewart’s representation. He revealed exclusively that he and Porsha will be sitting down with Kordell and his attorneys in a preliminary meeting soon to discuss a resolution to the matter.

“Typically there is a lot that happens but I can tell you that there will be a status conference where the parties get together and talk and the court helps direct them to work towards a resolution,” said Mr. Kessler.

“I know Mr. Stewart’s attorney very well and I have worked with him in the past and we will work with him in this case to the extent that his client allows,” he added. “She learned that her husband filed for divorce by reading it in the press and wishes he would have told her first. She is very disappointed that her husband has mislead her in this way.”

Given the fact that the last few months have played out in front of the cameras for the world to see, Mr. Kessler feels that his client may have the upper hand. Porsha was seen on the show seeking marital counseling, and trying to make her marriage work in a number of episodes. Without divulging his client’s strategy, Mr. Kessler said, “The short answer is that evidence is evidence. If you’re on a security camera and we get it, or if you’re on reality television and that’s taped, that’s evidence as well.”

Since Kordell wasn’t on the reunion show (reportedly because he had a prior engagement), perhaps that means that he would like a speedy resolution to the matter instead of seeing it play out on Twitter and in the tabloids. If that’s the case, he would make sure that Porsha is compensated and taken care of. However, if Kordell is looking for a fight, then this may be a long drawn out process of he-said, she-said resulting in both of them leaving that big, lavish mansion. Mr. Kessler has a strong track record of getting his clients the payout they deserve, having gone up against athletes like Evander Holifield and Andre Rison for child and spousal support. He even represented Tameka Raymond, Usher’s ex-wife.

“We will use our best efforts to resolve this privately.  But she has hired us to protect her interests and we intend to do so,” said Kessler

According to, Kordell is worth a whopping $16 million! That’s a lot of bread at stake.

In the divorce filing, however, Kordell claimed that Porsha, a stay-at-home wife, should not be entitled to spousal support. “[She’s] an able-bodied person, earning income and is capable of supporting herself,” Kordell said in the divorce documents.

In spite of the fact that the Stewarts have only been married for under two years, and Porsha told Kandi that they did not have a prenuptial agreement, Georgia courts do have a history of being kind with child and spousal support. So if Porsha has a strong case of trying to make her marriage work and Kordell is looking to keep the divorce proceedings quick and private, Porsha may find herself downsizing very comfortably but not quite in the poor house.

This story is still developing! And we’ll update as the news breaks.

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    Thanks for giving this nice information..I read this whole post or also feel bad for her..If you doesn’t like someone then seriously no need to live with her or divorce is good step for those kind of people..


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