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INTERVIEW: Actress Kim Fields Talks ‘Holiday Love’ Special & Motherhood In Her 40s


The name Kim Fields will always be synonymous with Tootie from “Facts of Life” and Regine from “Living Single”. However as Christmas approaches, the actress is known for kicking the holiday spirit into high gear with her annual “Holiday Love: The Rebirth” Christmas special.

Her fourth holiday special has a unique and tongue-and-cheek plotline that Fields is sure every family will enjoy. The concept is: Expecting her second child at the end of this year (in real life), Kim Fields dreams she’s directing a smarmy Christmas reality special, ‘Lifestyles of the Pregnant & Fabulous’. The special is being produced by a successful but unscrupulous reality show producer who casts pregnant celebrities, puts them in a beautiful resort, in hopes to have one of them deliver on Christmas Day and have their newborn play the role of Baby Jesus at a live, all-star Nativity themed concert – a mega pay-perview event. However, when the women go into labor at the worst possible times, the pinnacle of the Christmas concert is in jeopardy.

In real life, Fields, 44, can certainly relate as the actress/producer/director just gave birth to her second child, Quincy, earlier this month. The mom of two and wife took time out from washing baby bottles and making nativity scenes with her eldest son, Sebastian, to talk to CocoaFab’s Amy Elisa Keith about this year’s holiday special which airs Dec 22 on, juggling mommy duties and the true meaning of Christmas. (Plus, watch a special clip of the special here!)

Amy Elisa Keith: Congrats on the new special. What can viewers expect in this fourth year of the special?

Kim Fields: This year viewers can expect great laughs, amazing music, inspired praise and certainly a lot of heart. We were blessed to have amazing star power this year, like every year, and the storyline will be exciting for viewers. Every year we try to do a different storyline, and this year was inspired by my pregnancy and we were poking a little fun at the world of reality television by having my character be on a reality special called Lifestyles of the Pregnant and Fabulous.  It’s a competition of these reality show women who are vying to have their baby on national television on Christmas Day because they want their baby to be the baby in the manger in the Nativity scene. So there is the holiday spirit and a modern spin.

AEK: I understand that there are some new original songs a part of this year’s show. Tell me about those.

KF: Absolutely. We’ve been blessed each year to have an all-star cast and a wonderful script and amazing music. It’s starting with the fact that they got me to go back to my singing roots and grab the mic after all of these years. I sing the Children’s Song which was inspired by my eldest son Sebastian who is an animal lover and who always makes the manger, nativity scenes throughout the house. He was thinking that we should come up with a song that the animals would sing if they were in the manger. So if the animals were watching the birth of Christ, so that inspired the Children’s Song. We also have Tamela Mann who is an amazing singer and she’s doing ‘What Child Is This?” It was really exciting for us to be able to produce an original track with her. We have Karen Clark Sheard and Cindy Ratcliff doing an amazing duet that had never been done before, and they do a song called “A Mother’s Love.” We wanted to do a song that celebrates love, again in part, because of what was going on with us personally but also because so many songs about Mary or Mothers are focused on the child and the child’s perspective.  Or it’s sort of a song about the celebration of the burden of being a mother and how much of a struggle it was or is. No, it’s a privilege and a honor to be a mom or a maternal figure in someone’s life. To be able to have that blessing is nothing short of a miracle. So that duet is really special.  Then we have some original arrangements for the show that are remarkable. No Christmas is complete without hearing Donnie Hathaway’s “This Christmas” so we have our dear friend and sister Lalah Hathaway who agreed to have us produce a version of the song with her. She had never performed it but she agreed to do it with us and it’s such a blessing to hear her talent. In all of her wisdom, grace and class, she said she wanted her track just like her dad’s track. So beautiful and classy. The setting that we put her in was kind of a winter wonderland. Donnie McClurkin brings the house down. Tye Tribbett does as well. Marvin Sapp performs his new original Christmas song from his new CD.

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