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INTERVIEW: Regina Hall Dishes on ‘About Last Night’ & Wild Sex Scenes With Kevin Hart

Regina Hall like to be on top!

Let me clarify, the talented actress not only shares some steamy scenes with Kevin Hart but manages to top him when it comes to comedic chops in their new movie About Last Night. The duo play sex-crazed lovers who fight just as much as they…um, flirt. CocoaFab’s Amy Elisa Keith was on set with the cast when they filmed the movie in Downtown Los Angeles and got to sneak a peek at a few of the hilarous scenes. One involved Regina Hall dressing up like Nicki Minaj at a Halloween party, whens he was promptly on the outs with Kevin Hart, who was rocking a killer costume of Channing Tatum from Magic Mike.

Out in theaters this week, About Last Night successfully speaks to the wildly hilarious relationships many of us find ourselves in, and the love that blossoms when we least expect it. On a break from shooting the scene, we caught up with Regina Hall, ahem Nicki Minaj, to talk all things funny, faux pas and fabulous.

Amy Elisa Keith: Your Nicki Minaj style booty is amazing! Are you loving the chance to rock some curves for this scene of the movie?

Regina Hall: It’s funny cause you don’t actually feel your butt. Yeah, it’s kind of cushiony. The hardest part is the thing in the middle cause it’s like a girdle. It’s tight.

Amy: What attracted you to this project?

Regina: I read the script and thought it was really, really fun. Honestly, that’s what happened. I read it. I laughed. I love Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Joy Bryant. I had seen Steve Pink’s film Hot Tub Time Machine so it was just a no brainer. I love Will Packer. He’s an amazing producer as always, really committed and Clint Culpepper is very committed you know in the studio and to making black films and images with a lot of integrity. So it was great.

Amy: Both Will and Kevin have been raving about your comedic timing and the fact that you can keep up with Kevin. They’ve been raving about you.

Regina: That’s so good. We have a lot of fun Kevin and I. This is the first time… We did Think Like a Man together but we weren’t, you know, really in scenes together that weren’t group scenes. So this is the first time we’ve gotten to really work off each other and I have to tell you he is so amazing.  Kevin goes to shows, he comes back. He knows his lines. Like, he’s an…like an amazing actor. He’s just, it’s a pleasure I watch him and this guy is insanely funny. Funnier, than, I mean, off the cuff, off…You know he keeps me on my toes cause I’m like, “Well damn.” So I have to, you know, he makes me work harder. And Will’s committed. He’s here on set every single day and Clint is here and when you have executives and a cast that committed you have, you have to commit too.

Amy: In the original film, Elizabeth Perkin as Joan who was snarky and unlikeable how did you re-imagine her?

Regina: You know, my character was already different in the script. So I have to say this, the writers re-imagined her a lot closer to the character she was in the David Mamet play that was “Sexual Perversity in Chicago.” That film was a little less close to the play than this one. In this film, I feel like they went back a lot to what the play was all about.  And with Joan I thought it was gonna be. I thought it would be fun to show that she was a professional. She’s dentist. She’s a woman, She’s a black woman and we have a wild side. We have a professional side, we have a side we are with our girlfriends, we have a side we are with our man, you know we get a little crazy but we can be a little affectionate and loving. You know, she’s just a multi-dimensional person. And so with her, instead of making her just anything, just snarky, there are a lot of levels that she goes to. I see it in me as well, you know. We have it all and we show that. I think because it is an African-American cast the comparisons will probably be a lot less, um, because you know it’s not like someone is trying to be Rob Lowe or Demi More, Jim Perkins or James Belushi and I think because of it, it should stand on its own. And, you know if you enjoyed the first movie we hope you will enjoy the second.

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