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INTERVIEW: Traci Braxton Talks Weight Loss & Healthy Living: “Enough is Enough!”

traci braxton

Traci Braxton has always been beautiful, but when her weight gain led to health problems, she knew she had to make a change.

“I had to tell myself ‘enough is enough, this is not even cute anymore,’” she told CocoaFab in an exclusive interview.

The Braxton Family Values star debuted a more sleek physique on last season of her hit show.  Now, she’s gearing up to host her own online radio show and staying focused on her fitness plan.

“I have a trainer here in Maryland.  He’s great. He makes sure I don’t eat the wrong things, “ she says. “He’s in my face all day long. That’s crazy because sometimes I do want a piece of bread. When I partake in that he makes me work out even harder.”

While it may be hard to resist temptation, Traci says she’s already feeling the positive effects of her healthy lifestyle.

“I have more energy, I’ll tell you that. I guess my body is going back to it’s memory because I was never that big ever before in life. “

Although they were initially shocked by her weight gain, she says her sisters were always supportive. “It was a surprise to my sisters that I had gained so much weight.”

“I’m diabetic and I’m controlling it with my diet. I don’t want to be on medication or insulin for the rest of my life,” she admits. “On my mom’s side, there are amputees and I didn’t want that. I have a son and I want to be around long enough to see my grandkids.

Now that she has dropped a few pounds, Traci is looking better than ever.  The change in her body hasn’t changed her outlook on her style.

“It’s basically the same way.  You have to put clothes on to compliment your body. I’m my own worst critic so I take a look before I walk out the door. If I’m not representing myself well, that’s crazy!”

So what’s her golden style rule? Skip the stylist and pay attention to how you feel.

“I can’t look like a hot mess. You have to put clothes on that make you feel good about yourself and make you feel comfortable.  It’s not about being tight.  I don’t want to wear Spanx all day long.“

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