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Is Chris Brown Head For Reality Television?

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He’s had quite a year. From courtroom drama to jail stints and rehab, Chris Brown hasn’t been able to stay out of the spotlight. And now that he’s mounting a comeback, the pressure is on.

However, will that pressure be magnified by reality tv cameras? Perhaps! Multiple sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ that BET has made it clear to several production companies that the network would absolutely air a Chris Brown reality series, chronicling his life after jail.

Reportedly several production companies are angling to sign Chris, but so far that hasn’t happened. If it does, we’re told the show will get on the air. A focus group was held Tuesday in the San Fernando Valley asking participants if they’d watch a reality show in which Chris tries to stay on the straight and narrow — free from violence and drugs.

Word has it that the group, comprised entirely of African American females, was split, but the majority said they’d watch to see if Chris would screw up.


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