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Is Janet Jackson A Single Woman? We’ve Got New Scoop On The Couple Here!

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Is Janet Jackson married? Or separated? Or still together with her husband Wissam Al Mana?The superstar singer and actress who got hitched in secret in the first place, is dodging reports that she is no longer with her young hubby. The two tied the knot back in 2012, but a source tells E! News that the two are working whatever issues they have out.

“From what I was told, she never said divorce,” a source close to the situation tells E! News. “From what I’m told, she’s staying with him.”

But, there is some trouble looming. The same source adds: “All the bliss that Janet experienced pre-marriage with Wissam and in the first couple of months is gone.”

They added that they believe the two are still living together.

Another source also talked to Entertainment Tonight, saying that “the rumors about their marriage are a lie. They are very happy and very much together. In fact, the couple has recently purchased an even larger home in New York.”

We haven’t seen much of the couple since they announced their marriage. What do you think?

2 Responses to “Is Janet Jackson A Single Woman? We’ve Got New Scoop On The Couple Here!”

  1. djbenterprizes

    I think that you should leave Janet and her husband alone and let them live in peace!!….

  2. Jamie1814

    I second that, Leave Janet alone… To me she is not one of your media reality chica.. She is private and that is the one thing that is missing now with this new reality tv mess… that kills a marriage…


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