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Is Reality TV Kryptonite For Couples? 10 Failed Marriages Suggest The Answer Is ‘Yes!’

porsha and kordell divorced

Whether you are surprised or not, there has been yet another split in the reality television world. Nevertheless the more interesting fact, is that Porsha Stewart’s impending divorce from Kordell will be the tenth split we’ve seen play out on Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise. Coincidence?

Other memorable marital meltdowns came from Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Barney, and Jeana Keough of the Orange County cast, and Camille and Kelsey Grammer from the Beverly Hills bunch. New York City alum, Luanne quit her courtship with The Count and Bethenny Frankel’s whirlwind romance with husband, Jason Hoppy crumbled before our eyes and is in the midst of a nasty, he-said, she-said divorce battle.

There have been even more splits from the original Atlanta cast members once the cameras stopped rolling. Lisa Wu split with her husband, Ed Hartwell after she quit the series and DaShawn Snow split from her basketball player hubby, Eric Snow, in 2010.

All of these splits beg the question: Is reality TV to blame for these failed relationships?

Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Lozada fell in love in front of Basketball Wives cameras, and they’re union faded just as fast. The couple’s infamous fight occurred during production plans for their spin-off, Chad & Evelyn were well under way.

Deion Sanders split from his wife, Pilar in 2012, four years after the two filmed a reality show about their relationship, Primetime Love in 2008. Since then, the two have waged a custody war that resulted in Deion keeping the kids…for now.

Jennifer Williams said “bye bye” to her husband, Eric Williams after their problems played out on two seasons of Basketball Wives. While his alleged infidelity had been brewing for years, Jennifer seemed to take a closer look at her marriage thanks to the cameras and their bitter divorce permeated Season 3’s story line.

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown showed signs of trouble for years before their reality show; Being Bobby Brown debuted in 2005. After eleven episodes showed the world just how bad the reality was, Houston hit the road and filed for divorce after a 14-year courtship.

We’ve seen some temporary turmoil pop up as well, with a few lucky couples who managed to reconcile after their reality TV breakdowns.

Trina Braxton is giving her marriage to Gabe another try on this season of Braxton Family Values; after season two chronicled tumultuous times.

Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones almost called it quits after their Love & Hip-Hop spin-off failed to result in an actual marriage. The two are reportedly working it out, but there still haven’t been any wedding bells ringing.

Who can forget that NeNe Leakes filed for divorce from her husband Greg in 2010 after the third season of RHOA highlighted their struggles. A radio interview was the nail in the coffin that led the diva to divorce court. Since then, the two have reconciled and are planning to remarry, but their reality show almost shut them down for good.

Perhaps it’s not reality TV that causes couples to part ways, it’s the change in lifestyle and the fact that marriage is just hard. Cameras or not, marriage is no cake walk. Nevertheless, the cameras, fans, and cast members adding their two-cents can inevitably cause stress and strain, that can tear two people apart even under the best circumstances.
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15 Responses to “Is Reality TV Kryptonite For Couples? 10 Failed Marriages Suggest The Answer Is ‘Yes!’”


    MyCocoaFab I think the ones that fall apart don’t have solid marriages prior to& the show just makes it worst

  2. GangStarrGirl

    MyCocoaFab I think they were unstable before the cameras rolled. Reality TV just sped up the inevitable.

  3. GangStarrGirl

    These people had problems before doing the shows. I think reality TV just sped up the inevitable for each but shouldn’t exactly be blamed. When your marriage is unstable and you allow cameras in to exploit that it just places more of a spotlight on pre-existing issues and forces people to figure things out faster. Producers will constantly be in folks’ ears telling them to rehash sore conversations and issues. That’s never good unless the foundation is solid.


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